Forces of Nature

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Spring has come, where Mother Nature awakens after her long sleep. See what she’s got up her sleeves with 10 gems from our catalog.

In 11 short chapters, Eva March Tappan explains to kids what lies hidden in the Earth’s bosom. Only serious Diggers in the Earth find her stores of gold, silver, copper, iron, and many more useful things.

On the other hand, sand is everywhere on the Texan prairie, and innocent Letty isn’t happy about it. The people there are just as barren as the land in the novel by Dorothy Scarborough, but wait until Letty meets her greatest foe: The Wind

She would have been much happier in the jungles of Uruguay, full of exotic parrots and flamingos. Horacio Quiroga tells 8 Cuentos de la selva para los niños about his home country. We also have this book in an English translation.

Not quite as exotic is Unser Wald in Germany. Naturalist Curt Grottewitz takes a close look and trees – including fruit trees and bushes – that make up the forests of Europe.

Where the trees end, the domain of the mountaineers begins. Hilary Chayne and Sylvia Thesinger meet in the High Alps near Mont Blanc. Read Running Water by A.E.W. Mason and find out if they can conquer the dangerous Brenva route.

Even the mountains won’t last forever, but The Night the Mountain Fell was still very special. Edmund Christopherson recounts the 1959 Hebgen Lake Earthquake and how it created a completely new landscape in Montana.

Canadian poet Archibald Lampman was very much drawn to his own, harsh country. His 30 Lyrics of Earth speak of a deep love of the land, especially in the cold winter months.

Winter or summer, the life on a Trawler is hard year-round and requires a special type of man. James B. Connolly speaks from experience as he turns the never-ending hunt for fish on the Atlantic Ocean into a short story.

Much smoother waters are sailed by The Bobbsey Twins on a Houseboat in their summer holiday. But then, an unexpected visitor arrives on the scene and does everything to end their journey for good, in the novel by Laura Lee Hope.

The visitors at the Delville’s annual house party find themselves as unwilling actors in a drama. But then again, what else is there to do during a Rainy Week… This is our dramatic reading of a novel by Eleanor H. Abbott.

Enjoy – and go out and say hello to Mother Nature!


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