South American Jungle Tales

Horacio Quiroga (1878 - 1937)
Translated by Arthur Livingston (1883 - 1944)

The stories in South American Jungle Tales center on the relationships between people and the different creatures Quiroga came into contact with on his farm in Misiones, a region of jungle in Uruguay along the banks of the Upper Parana river. Each story quickly evolves into a fantastical realm where the various animals take on familiar human characteristics. These stories, of course, are a metaphor for how man interacts with nature. They are used to show how human beings are an integral part of a greater ecosystem; and can either chose to exploit it to his detriment, or to live in harmony within it. - Summary by James K. White

Genre(s): Animals & Nature

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 How the Rays Defended the Ford James K. White
Play 02 The Story of Two Raccoon Cubs and Two Man Cubs James K. White
Play 03 The Parrot That Lost Its Tail James K. White
Play 04 The Blind Doe James K. White
Play 05 The Alligator War James K. White
Play 06 How the Flamingoes Got Their Stockings James K. White
Play 07 The Lazy Bee James K. White
Play 08 The Giant Tortoise's Golden Rule James K. White