How to Listen or Download Audio Files
How to Find Audiobooks in the LibriVox Catalog
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Listen/Download Help

There are many options for downloading and listening to LibriVox audiobooks.

From the catalog page:

  • Left Click on the Play button above the section number to play the 64kbps files individually in your browser.
  • Right Click on the Play button to download the 64 kbps file to your computer to listen using another media player or to transfer to an mp3 player.
  • Left Click on the Chapter Title to listen to the 128kbps files individually in your browser
  • Right click on the Chapter Title to download the 128kbps files to your computer to listen using another media player or to transfer to an mp3 player.
  • Download a zip file of the all the 64kbps mp3 files for an entire book by clicking on the green Download button next to Whole book (zip file). Please Note: Zip files can range in size from less than 100 MB to > 1GB depending on the length of the book. If you have a slow connection, larger files can take a long time to download.
  • Click the iTunes button to download the audio files into iTunes.
  • Subscribe to the RSS feed
  • Download the files as a bit torrent
  • M4B formats are available for most of our books. If there is an M4B format available for a book, there will be a link to the M4B on the catalog page.

Other Options on the Internet Archive Page for each book

You can download the individual audio files as ogg files where available from the Internet Archive Page or use the streaming player provided there to listen to any book online. Newer books also have VBR mp3 and a VBR zip file. See the table of Download Options on the Internet Archive Page for options specific to each book.

How to Find Audiobooks in the LV Catalog


Browse Options

Click on the blue buttons labeled Author, Title, Genre/Subject or Language under BROWSE THE CATALOG to Browse by Author, Title, Genre/Subject or Language, respectively.

Authors are sorted alphabetically by last name. Click on an author’s name to go to the catalog page for the author. Books by that author will be listed in alphabetical order on the author’s page. . You can change this to sort by release data if you wish.

Titles are sorted by default with newest releases at the top of the list. You can use the dropdown to change this to alphabetical if you wish. Click on any title to go to the catalog page for that book.

Genres are arranged alphabetically in three major subdivisions

  • Children’s
  • Fiction
  • Nonfiction

Click on the genre to see the list of books available in that area.

NOTE: We are still updating genres on our books, so if you don’t find a specific book, try searching for the title (See searching below). Also the number of books in a genre is not accurate. At the moment many say 0 books, when there are actually books available.

Languages are sorted alphabetically with some of the more common languages (English, French, German, Italian and Spanish) at the top of the list. Click on the language to see the list of books. The results will be sorted alphabetically by default. You can choose to change this to sort by release data if you wish.

Search Options

1. Combined Search by Author, Title or Reader: Enter all or part of an author’s name, book title or reader’s name (either catalog display name or forum name) and hit Enter. If no results are obtained, try your search again with fewer terms.

Search results from this combined search box will be arranged alphabetically by category as follows –

  • Title – sorted alphabetically
  • Book Series – These appear with a different color background and include books that are grouped because they are related in some way to each other. Click on the title of the series to see all the titles included in the series.
  • Reader – Shows the Reader’s catalog display name with the forum name underneath. Sorted by full Catalog Name (not last name). Click on the name to see all projects with recordings by this reader.
  • Author – sorted alphabetically by author last name. Click on the author name to see all recordings of works by this author.

2. Advanced Search – for more specific searches, use the Advanced Search option. On the Advanced Search screen you have more options for searching and can combine searches of multiple fields to narrow your search. For example, you could search for books by Jules Verne in French or completed solo recordings of children’s books about Animals. Results from advanced searches will return titles only.

Browse the catalog