The Night The Mountain Fell; The Story Of The Montana-Yellowstone Earthquake

Edmund Christopherson (1903 - 1974)

A severe earthquake, centered in the vacation area of West Yellowstone, Montana, shook the ground and its inhabitants and visitors on August 17, 1959, at 11.37 pm. A mountainside fell, a lake formed, roads and houses disappeared, people were trapped, people died. The author of this narrative went to the area the day after the quake, took first-hand stories of the catastrophe, researched in the following months, and wrote this account within a year of the shaking. The printed source has many informative photographs. - Summary by David Wales

Genre(s): Nature, Technology & Engineering, Modern (20th C)

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Real Shook; Trapped David Wales
Play 02 Outside World; First Patrol David Wales
Play 03 Civil Defense's Puzzle; Rescue - First Medical Doctor; Civil Defense Wrapup; Untrapped David Wales
Play 04 Mystery - Who Got It?; Civil Defense And Natural Disasters; Aftermath David Wales
Play 05 Living Geology; Now You Can See It; About The Author David Wales