Rainy Week (Dramatic Reading)

Eleanor Hallowell Abbott (1872 - 1958)

Join this couple in their annual house party where the “guests” becoming unknowing “actors” in their beach house play “Rainy Week” (Linette Geisel).

“To be indeed absolutely explicit experience has proved, with an almost chemical accuracy, that, quite regardless of "age, sex, or previous condition of servitude," this particular combination of Romantic Passion, Psychic Austerity, Tragedy, Ambition, Poignancy, Innocence, And Irritation, cannot be housed together for even one Rainy Week without producing drama!” (Eleanor Hallowell Abbott)

Narrator/Mrs. Mary Delville: KHand
Mr. Jack Delville: tovarisch
Victoria Meredith: Leanne Yau
Paul Brenswick: Mark Chulsky
George Keets: Chuck Williamson
Ann Woltor: Beth Thomas
Claude Kennilworth: ToddHW
May Davies: Gemma L Myers
Aberner Rollins: Algy Pug
Allan John: Tomas Peter
Dr. Brawne: Jim Locke
Satellites: Christine Lehman
Young Man: TriciaG
Maid: Lauren-Emma Blake
Doctor: David Olson

Edited by: Linette Geisel
Proof listener: KHand

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 1, Part 1 Group 00:39:48
Play 02 Chapter 1, Part 2 Group 00:24:17
Play 03 Chapter 2, Part 1 Group 00:27:20
Play 04 Chapter 2, Part 2 Group 00:28:08
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