March Love

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March brings spring and spring brings love and romance. If you’re ready to go out and find new love – or rekindle an old one – get in the mood with 10 gems from our catalog.

9 love letters make up our Love Letter Collection 2008. Find out how celebrities and normal people from real life and fiction expressed their feelings to their (future) significant other.

But what if there are more than one potential partners? This is the dilemma Thyrza finds herself in – she’s engaged to a working class man, but falls in love with a student. Find out who will become the lucky husband in the novel by George Gissing.

Marriage is most often the desired outcome of a romantic relationship, even today. Expanding on an earlier lecture, Scottish theologian P. T. Forsyth gives his views on its ethics and religion.

Redemption through love plays a large part in the romantic drama by Spanish playwright José Zorrilla y Moral. After a lifetime of duelling and womanizing, Don Juan Tenorio is given his final chance. Will he take it?

All her life, farm girl Prue was the target of prejudices in her little Shropshire village – all because of her harelip. But weaver Kester is happy to see beyond it. Read Precious Bane by Mary Webb to see if there’s a happy ending.

Then again, a “happily ever after” isn’t all there is to a romance, not even in a Rose-Colored World. Ethel Mary Brodie’s 16 short stories explore how a love affair can play out – any sound familiar?

Sara Teasdale must have experienced romance from all angles. Love Songs is a collection of 72 of her love poems, and it won the first Pulitzer Prize for poetry back in 1918.

Roughly 10 years earlier, Kellogg Durland was asked to describe Royal Romances of Today. This book details the lives and loves of the Queens of Spain and Italy, and of the last Tsarina.

At that time, class was everything. So, when seamstress Toneta and law student Lluis fall in love, things get complicated quickly. Follow La papallona into historic Barcelona in the Catalan novel by Narcís Oller.

Singer Fortunato becomes infatuated by a lady who looks like a marble statue (Marmorbild) in the park. The diabolic knight Donati promises a meeting, and Fortunato is ready to follow him in the German novella by Joseph von Eichendorff.

Enjoy – and good luck falling in love!


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    Such a joy to have this free service of audio books read by volunteers. I enjoy being read to!

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