Love Letter Collection 2008


LibriVox readers have cast their nets wide to create this small collection of letters and poems, from fiction and from life, from heart to heart and from soul to soul. With love for St Valentine. (Summary by Peter Yearsley)

Genre(s): Epistolary Fiction, Romance, Letters

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Abigail Adams to John Adams 16 October 1774, Adams Family Papers Abigail Adams Etext Rhonda Federman
00:06:51 en
Play 02 From don Felipe to Louise – in L 15 of Letters of Two Brides Honoré de Balzac Etext Peter Yearsley
00:05:52 en
Play 03 Don't Tell The World That You're Waiting For Me Eliza Cook Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:01:43 en
Play 04 Heloise to Peter Abelard Héloïse d'Argenteuil Etext Rhonda Federman
00:04:14 en
Play 05 Let It Be This Way. Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Robert Browning. From Letters Elizabeth Barrett Browning Etext Caitlin Teresa
00:04:17 en
Play 06 A Letter to Her Husband Absent Upon Public Employment Anne Bradstreet Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:04:32 en
Play 07 Love Letter – Monday, February 28, 1820 Victor Hugo Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:04:10 en
Play 08 Love Letter – Saturday Evening, January, 1820 Victor Hugo Etext Alan Davis Drake (1945-2010)
00:06:12 en
Play 09 To Countess Giulietta Guicciardi, Section 15 from Beethoven’s Letters 1790-1826, Volume 1 Ludwig van Beethoven Etext Ezwa
00:06:20 en