Not What It Seems…

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It is known: February is the coldest month of the year. Or is it? Let’s take a closer look at things that may be different than expected with 10 gems from our catalog.

To solve the February riddle from above, just imagine South-Sea Idylls in the Southern Hemisphere… Charles Stoddard did more than just imagine, he travelled those islands and sent letters to a friend.

Irishman Victor Daley went even further down under. The sunshine and freedom of Australia inspired him to write poetry. At Dawn and Dusk is a collection of 67 of his poems.

These are not the right times for ghosts, who like to play with the minds of people. What really happened is often hard to discern, as you will see in the 6 different viewpoints of Cecilia de Noël, a novel by Mary E. Hawker.

Dolliver Wims also elicits widely differing viewpoints. Is he a menace to everyone around him, or just an innocent bystander at random catastrophes? Richard Sabia tells his story in I Was a Teen-Age Secret Weapon.

A bomb explodes (figuratively) when members of her brother’s circus visit the home of Mrs. Herrick after his death. But this wouldn’t be a comedy by Arthur Wing Pinero if it were obvious from the start who really are The Freaks

Barry Pain explores a different kind of who’s who. Scientist Dr. Myas has invented a machine that can effect An Exchange of Souls between two people. Interestingly, things go really wrong when those two people are of the opposite sex…

When Miss Derrick looks for a home with a family in London, the Mumfords are up for it. But what was meant to bolster family finances takes a downward turn when The Paying Guest arrives. Read the novel by George Gissing to find out more.

Detective Violet Strange needs to find a page from a document – and fast, too. In a room that had been closed for years, she finds the Missing Page Thirteen – and a few more things she hadn’t bargained for. Read the novella by Anna Katharine Green to see what that is.

What happened to Jesus in the 15 years the New Testament leaves out was found in another ancient document, according to Nicolas Notovitch. He stipulates that The Unknown Life of Jesus Christ led him to different, far-off lands…

Charles Bradlaugh had different views on Jesus, God, and Christianity – no wonder, he was the founder of England’s Secular Society. So, his Theological Essays may not quite be what you’d expect from the title.

Enjoy – and stay alert!


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