The Paying Guest

George Gissing (1857 - 1903)

George Gissing was one of the most accomplished writers of realism in the Victorian Era. Also The Paying Guest is a great example of realism, which closely pictures the class struggles of the time. The Novel opens at the breakfast table of the Mumfords, when Mr. Mumford draws the attention of his wife to an advertisement in the newspaper of a young lady searching a home with a respectable, well-connected family in London. After some consideration, the Mumfords decide to answer to the advertisment, and a few weeks later, Miss Derrick moves in with them. Tensions are inevitable. (Summary by Carolin)

Genre(s): Family Life

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 1 - Chapter I Nigel Boydell
Play 02 2 - Chapter II Amanda Friday
Play 03 3 - Chapter III Amanda Friday
Play 04 4 - Chapter IV Amanda Friday
Play 05 5 - Chapter V Craig Gulliver
Play 06 6 - Chapter VI Amanda Friday
Play 07 7 - Chapter VII Amanda Friday
Play 08 8 - Chapter VIII Bill Boerst
Play 09 9 - Chapter IX Crln Yldz Ksr