LibriVox 8th Anniversary Collection


For the past few years we have celebrated the anniversary of LibriVox with a collection loosely themed on the number of the anniversary year. This year is no exception.

Readers have contributed 88 recordings in Dutch, English, French, German, Japanese, Polish and Yiddish, and this feast of fiction, poetry, essays, articles and musical items ranges from lectures to love letters, science to songs, travel to taxes, and politics to pirates, spiced with a dash of humour.

It has, as always, been enormous fun for the readers and singers, and we hope that you, the listener, will gain just as much enjoyment as we have had producing it. (Introduction by Ruth Golding) Some additional notes:
Section 5, Extract from The Eight-oared Victors, Chapter 35, was written by Howard Garis under his pseudonym Lester Chadwick.
Section 37, Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn by Henry VIII also includes letters to Henry from Anne Boleyn (1501-1536).
Section 53, Letters I to VIII of Political and Social Letters of a Lady of the 18th Century was edited by Emily Fanny Dorothy Osborn McDonnell (1851-1925).
Section 54 Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words: Words by Bert Kalmar (1884-1947); Music by Ted Snyder (1881-1965).
Section 55, Koenig Heinrich der Achte – Prologue was translated into the German by Wolf Graf Baudissin (1789-1878).
Section 65, The Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup was translated into English by Shigeyoshi Obata.
Section 77, In The Year 2889 was jointly written by Jules Verne (1828-1905) and Michel Verne (1861-1925).
Section 79, Eight-day Clocks was written by Mary Mapes Dodge under her pseudonym Joel Stacy.
Section 82, Que ne suis je la fougère Bergerette du 18ième siècle. Words: Riboutté (1770-1834); Music: Pergolesi (1710-1736).

Genre(s): Poetry, Short Stories, Essays & Short Works

Language: Multilingual

Group: LibriVox Anniversary Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Number Sixty-eight Unknown Etext Ruth Golding
00:24:26 en
Play 02 Eight Brand New Bits of Christmas Cheer John Kendrick Bangs Etext Charlotte Duckett
00:01:53 en
Play 03 The Hunting of the Snark, an Agony in Eight Fits Lewis Carroll Etext Phil Benson
00:36:17 en
Play 04 Sonnet VIII William Shakespeare Etext Eden Rea-Hedrick
00:01:08 en
Play 05 The Eight-oared Victors, Chapter 35 Howard R. Garis Etext ToddHW
00:09:03 en
Play 06 Selection from Pieces of Eight Richard le Gallienne Etext ToddHW
00:26:11 en
Play 07 Eight or Nine Words about Letter Writing Lewis Carroll Etext ToddHW
00:20:12 en
Play 08 Eight Bad Men and True Ralph Bergengren Etext Ruth Golding
00:55:16 en
Play 09 The Rochdale Twenty-eight Unknown Etext Jason Mills
00:14:01 en
Play 10 碁石を呑んだ八っちゃん (Goishi wo nonda Yattyan) Takeo Arishima Etext ekzemplaro
00:18:41 jp
Play 11 Punch, or the London Charivari, Vol. 108, June 8, 1895 Various Etext Bev J Stevens
00:59:52 en
Play 12 Eight O'Clock Sara Teasdale Etext Hunter
00:00:58 en
Play 13 The Eighth Illinois, Chapter 8 W. T. Goode Etext TriciaG
00:28:11 en
Play 14 Eight days in New Orleans in February, 1847, Chapter 8 Albert James Pickett Etext David Lawrence
00:07:17 en
Play 15 Couplets sur l'heureuse journée du dix-huit fructidor, an 5 P. Delorme Etext Ezwa
00:02:21 fr
Play 16 Eighth Lecture: General Dynamics. Principle of Relativity Max Planck Etext Paul E J King
00:44:49 en
Play 17 King Henry VIII, Prologue and Epilogue William Shakespeare Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:02:52 en
Play 18 8. Kosmosvortrag Alexander von Humboldt Etext Availle
00:20:47 de
Play 19 Gieb acht! Sidonie Gruenwald-Zerkowitz Etext Elli
00:00:46 de
Play 20 The Serpent with Eight Heads Basil Hall Chamberlain Etext Amy Gramour
00:06:24 en
Play 21 August Eighth James Allen Etext Algy Pug
00:03:31 en
Play 22 John Bunyan's Last Sermon - Preached 1688 John Bunyan Etext Algy Pug
00:18:25 en
Play 23 Eight Lectures: Lecture 5 Swami Vivekananda Etext Craig Campbell
00:12:37 en
Play 24 Address of Oscar Neebe from The Chicago Martyrs - The Famous Speeches of the Eight Anarchists John P. Altgeld Etext Sue Anderson
00:20:53 en
Play 25 Preface and Chapter 1 of Eighty-Seven Pansy Etext BookAngel7
00:15:12 en
Play 26 For the Eighth of December George Meason Whicher Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:01:41 en
Play 27 Idee 8 Multatuli Etext Anna Simon
00:01:10 nl
Play 28 Eight Stories for Isabel Anonymous Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:05:24 en
Play 29 International Coinage - A Unit of Eight Grammes Robert Noxon Toppan Etext Garth Burton
00:10:21 en
Play 30 Introductory Romance From the Pen of William Tinkling, Esq. (Aged Eight) Charles Dickens Etext Eddie
00:22:06 en
Play 31 Edit du Roi, Portant création de huit Charges de Gardes de la porte de Monsieur King Louis XVI Etext Herman Roskams
00:04:46 fr
Play 32 Henry the Eighth's Chin Unknown Etext Bill Mosley
00:19:03 en
Play 33 8 Alcoholic Beverages Mrs. F. L. Gillette Etext Bellona Times
00:08:43 en
Play 34 The Octopus Arthur Clement Hilton Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:44 en
Play 35 The Plea for Eight Hours Terence V. Powderly Etext TriciaG
00:15:26 en
Play 36 Recollection of the Portrait of King Henry Eighth, Trinity Lodge, Cambridge William Wordsworth Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:01:10 en
Play 37 The Love Letters of Henry VIII to Anne Boleyn King Henry VIII Etext Paul Mazumdar
00:28:17 en
Play 38 Eight Cousins, Chapter 2, The Clan Louisa May Alcott Etext thestorygirl
00:19:39 en
Play 39 אַ געזינד זאַלבע אַכט ‏ A gezind zalbe akht) Abraham Reisen Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:01:33 yi
Play 40 The Trailer for Room No. 8 Richard Harding Davis Etext Pete Mays
00:21:00 en
Play 41 Sześć razy osiém (Six times eight) Artur Bartels Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:17 pl
Play 42 Psalm 8 King James Version (KJV) Etext A LibriVox Volunteer
00:01:28 en
Play 43 Extract from Eight Pillars of Prosperity: Eighth Pillar - Self-reliance James Allen Etext Ruth Golding
00:23:19 en
Play 44 Damen-bildnis aus den achtziger-Jahren Rainer Maria Rilke Etext Claudia Salto
00:02:02 de
Play 45 The Octagon, from The Life of William Ewart Gladstone John Morley Etext Loveday
00:54:47 en
Play 46 Sonnenfinsternis am 8. Juli 1842, Die Adalbert Stifter Etext Hokuspokus
00:27:06 de
Play 47 סאָנעט אַכט פֿון װיליִאַם שעקספּיר ‏ (sonet akht) William Shakespeare Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:01:36 yi
Play 48 My Enemy the Motor: A Tale in Eight Honks and One Crash Julian Street Etext Ruth Golding
00:50:37 en
Play 49 Foreign body in the Naso-Pharynx for eighteen years H. S. Birkett Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:55 en
Play 50 The Eight Beatitudes Lydia Hooper Marvin Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:20:29 en
Play 51 Gardening in the Eighteenth Century George Henslow Etext Ruth Golding
00:07:14 en
Play 52 Sonnets 8, 18, 28 and 38 of Emaricdulfe E. C. Etext Ruth Golding
00:04:55 en
Play 53 Letters I to VIII of Political and social letters of a lady of the eighteenth century, 1721-1771 Sarah Byng Osborn Etext Ruth Golding
00:26:51 en
Play 54 Eight Little Letters Make Three Little Words Bert Kalmar Etext Ruth Golding
00:02:29 en
Play 55 König Heinrich der Achte - Prologue William Shakespeare Etext Karlsson
00:02:33 de
Play 56 Acht Brockhaus Konversationslexikon Etext Karlsson
00:04:25 de
Play 57 God's Octave Emma Muir Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:50 en
Play 58 Shall Our Presidents Be Elected For Eight Years? George P. Polen Etext Maria Kasper
00:51:26 en
Play 59 Sculling Fours and Eights Frederick James Furnivall Etext Ruth Golding
00:03:28 en
Play 60 Booksellers' Sales in the Eighteenth Century William Henry Peet Etext Ruth Golding
00:09:33 en
Play 61 A Tete-a-tete at Eight Barney Fagan Etext Ruth Golding
00:02:49 en
Play 62 Les huit chevreaux Claudius Ferrand Etext Kthoelen
00:09:19 fr
Play 63 Eight hour Strike Billy Pastor Etext Maria Kasper
00:04:10 en
Play 64 Collecting Eight Billions of Dollars for the Government, from Munsey’s Magazine, April 1920 Daniel C. Roper Etext TriciaG
00:17:41 en
Play 65 The Eight Immortals of the Wine Cup Fu Du 杜甫 Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:51 en
Play 66 Elizabeth Woodcock buried in the snow of February 1799, Eight days and Eight nights William D. Granger Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:17:30 en
Play 67 Sechse, Sieben oder Acht Ludwig Jacobowski Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:02:18 de
Play 68 The Eight Immortals E. T. C. Werner Etext Joseph Finkberg
00:32:49 en
Play 69 Die achte Todsünde Arno Holz Etext Hokuspokus
00:01:06 de
Play 70 No. 289 - A Vision Mrs. Frank McCarthy Etext Ruth Golding
00:40:39 en
Play 71 The Eight Roads from The Broom Fairies, and Other Stories Ethel May Gate Etext Rapunzelina
00:22:00 en
Play 72 When Hannah Var Eight Yar Old Katherine Peabody Girling Etext Maria Kasper
00:13:11 en
Play 73 Sonnet 8 William Shakespeare Etext JemmaBlythe
00:01:27 en
Play 74 Eight Years in a British Consulate, from 1861 to 1869 Zebina Eastman Etext Maria Kasper
00:49:16 en
Play 75 A Note on the Problem of the Eight Queens W. H. Bussey Etext Rapunzelina
00:03:25 en
Play 76 Oh Mensch! Gieb acht! Friedrich Nietzsche Etext Monika M. C.
00:02:06 en
Play 77 In The Year 2889 Michel Verne Etext Jon Kissack
00:35:15 en
Play 78 Proverbs: Chapter 8 Douay-Rheims Version (DRV) Etext Carol Box
00:04:42 en
Play 79 Eight-day Clocks Mary Mapes Dodge Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:01:26 en
Play 80 Eight Dixie Willson Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:00:52 en
Play 81 A Shropshire Lad: Poem VIII A. E. Housman Etext Laurie Anne Walden
00:01:18 en
Play 82 Que ne suis-je la fougère? Bergerette du XVIII siècle François-Louis Riboutté Etext Herman Roskams
00:03:02 fr
Play 83 Das achte Oktavheft Franz Kafka Etext Herman Roskams
00:18:47 de
Play 84 Von acht Rossen Ferdinand Freiligrath Etext Claudia Salto
00:03:48 de
Play 85 Selection from Eighty Years and More: 'My First Speech Before a Legislature' Elizabeth Cady Stanton Etext Maria Kasper
00:26:27 en
Play 86 Die acht Brunos Jacob & Wilhelm Grimm Etext Claudia Salto
00:06:10 de
Play 87 A Retrospect of Eight Decades, Chapters I and II Edward Lyon Berthon Etext Ruth Golding
00:26:58 en
Play 88 Oh, LibriVox is Eight, it is Fred Murray Etext Group 00:03:54 en