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Problems with newly catalogued items

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Hello, everybody! We have another problem, I’m afraid. Plus ça change, eh? ;)

Further parts of the LibriVox site were migrated last night to a new server, and although it has restored the list of New Releases on the home page, it has unfortunately broken the catalogue pages of some of our new(ish)ly catalogued audiobooks.

If you encounter a LibriVox catalogue page which has no download links, all audio files can be obtained directly from the Internet Archive. Please visit the LibriVox page on the Internet Archive and search for the title in Audio Books & Poetry.

Additionally, you will find all our new releases by going to the LibriVox details page and scrolling down until you see This Just In.

We are hoping this will be fixed very soon.

EDITED TO ADD 10th Oct.: All book catalogue pages should now be complete, except for some which are still missing their RSS and iTunes feeds. We are working on this.

Also, it should not be many days before we can start cataloguing new audiobooks again. Recording has continued apace during this enforced break, so there are a number ready to catalogue. We are champing at the bit to get moving again. :D



Sorry – the forum is down – and back up!

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From 08:40 GMT July 5th: Regrettably, it appears that the secure server where the forum lives is currently down again.

We will get it functioning again as soon as possible, and apologise for the inconvenience.

The catalogue server and downloads are unaffected.

EDITED TO ADD: Apologies for the latest outage, which was caused by a problem related to changing DNS providers. It is now back up, and the problem should soon resolve for everyone if it hasn’t done so already.



Problems with – Stay Tuned

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Hello Everyone,

We host all our audio files with the wonderful The last couple of days, we’ve been getting numerous reports of LirbiVox books being unavailable, unfindable, or undownloadable. We are looking into it with – but don’t panic! We’ve had similar issues in the past, and after some hiccups, we expect things will get back to normal. Eventually. Stay tuned … and watch this space for news.

All the best,


CD Covers

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Did you know that we have an increasing number of volunteer-created album art and printable CD covers? You’ll find the entire collection here:

We have a couple of useful generic covers suitable for any book, as well as covers designed specifically for such works as

…and many more for you to download. Our audio books make great gifts, especially with a beautiful artistic cover!


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