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Hello Everyone,

We host all our audio files with the wonderful The last couple of days, we’ve been getting numerous reports of LirbiVox books being unavailable, unfindable, or undownloadable. We are looking into it with – but don’t panic! We’ve had similar issues in the past, and after some hiccups, we expect things will get back to normal. Eventually. Stay tuned … and watch this space for news.

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  1. Eunah Choi says:

    Well, I am now experiencingproblems listening Librivox recordings.
    The file is not playing even after I clicked it.
    Only the following error page appears:
    “The specified item cannot be found or its XML is infassable.”
    Well, I will have to load the recording of “Utilitarianism”, read by D. E. Witkower tonight and listen to the book at bedtime.
    Thank God, I downloaded some Librivox books and it will help me fall asleep.

  2. Doug Gosciak says:

    David Copperfield Episode 23 keeps saying file not found.

  3. I have noticed it aswell…

    Server doesn’t response, even on the main site.

    I manage everytime upload 1 file from my project, and then it goes down for several hours.

  4. dave says:

    Just wanted to report NO PROBLEMS for me at ARCHIVE dot org…. If i do, i’ll report back.

  5. joe jacobs says:

    when i download books from librivox my computer add the term “PART” to the end of the file. There is no way ro play the file. its corrupted if the tag is removed.

  6. James Mites says:

    Hopefully the file storage and download facility keeps off site back up of the site and files it would be a shame if all the work put into the readings were to be lost. I know many could be reuploaded but hopefully they keep a site back up file for you.

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