Emaildesk: Opening a new world

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From a listener:

Dear everyone at LibriVox, we would like to thank each and every one of you for contributing to this wonderful library. Since my wife’s eye sight has been failing due to retinitis pigmentosa, she can not any more enjoy reading. It was opening a new world for her, when I discovered LibriVox this year.
We wish every one a joyful Christmas and a Happy New Year.
Keep up the good work.
With best wishes
Knud Erik S.


Praise For John Greenman from a listener

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One of our prolific readers, John Greenman (The Voice of Mark Twain) received this email from a listener:

Hi John,
I have looked for your email in the past so that I could write and say that you have been blessed with the voice and the ability to speak with the rhythm that I have always thought that Mark Twain would have done if I could have but lived when he toured and lectured.
I have been a fan for my whole life, but have not truly enjoyed the books as much before now until I heard you read them.
I had wondered if you were going to do the book that he spent 10 years writing on Joan of Arc and am delighted that I will be able to hear if in your inimitable voice. It is, I think Sam’s most sentimental book, though his voice as the Connecticut Yankee when he spoke of his true love also gave voice to his more tender side and must have come from the remembrance of his wife, who he loved more than any other. The mystical Joan, he also loved for the same reasons. Her character was above politics, above greed and above self love, totally devoted to her purpose on this earth, and sacrificed to save what Sam would have called a Reptile in the French King.

I have to say that I have listened to thousands of audio books in the last 20 years and most of Mark Twains writings and you are only to be compared to one man’s ability to read his writings and that man was Jack Whitaker. He read a Best of Mark Twain cassette album in 1975 and it was brilliant. The library number of it is ISBN-13: 9780807229705 . It is available used, but out of print otherwise.
Jack’s readings of the humorous short stories, What Stumped the BlueJays, The invalids tale, and Punch Brothers Punch leaves me weak with laughter and The Diaries of Adam and Eve are as poignant and funny as Sam meant them to be. If you can get a copy, you should do so. Only a fellow master of Sam’s voice can appreciate it to it’s fullest.
I am waiting patiently for the lovely Joan- Nobody ever did her so much credit as ole Sam.
All the best
Mike Burke


Thanks from a listener

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Dear all who may read this:

I would like to express my unceasing thanks to all those who volunteer
and read all the various books posted on your website. It has
inexpressibly enriched my life spent traveling. I love to read and
now I can do so incessantly :) As soon as I have some time (next
summer), I certainly plan to join in to pay my dues.

Again, many thanks, what you do is fabulous! I especially want to
thank Kara Shallanberg who has a special gift for varying her
intonation (which does not take away from the others being great as

Lucia O.
Slovakia, EU


Emaildesk: Letter from Japan

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MT writes:

Hi Hugh,

I am writing this mail just to say thank you for the wonderful project you have started.

I have been introducing Audio Books form LibriVox to learners of English in Japan in the past year, and I have had a great time.
The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, The Winds in the Willows…those are the wonderful audio books I truly enjoyed to listen and to introduce in my blog.

Since last month, I have started “Audio Book Club” where I introduce a particular audio book form LibriVox and exchange comments about the story with readers of my blog. This month, I picked up the Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter, and my first choice was The Tale of Two Bad Mice, without knowing that it was read by the founder of LibriVox.
When I found that you are the founder, I thought it is time to say thank you.

Lots of people are learning English in Japan, and in other countries, and we have paid awfully lots of money to listen English. Audio Books are, although very interesting, prohibitively expensive to buy. But with LibriVox, we can enjoy wonderful books at free and also can share the pleasure with friends on internet.

It is indeed marvellous.

Thank you again and best regards,


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