Thanks from a listener

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Dear all who may read this:

I would like to express my unceasing thanks to all those who volunteer
and read all the various books posted on your website. It has
inexpressibly enriched my life spent traveling. I love to read and
now I can do so incessantly :) As soon as I have some time (next
summer), I certainly plan to join in to pay my dues.

Again, many thanks, what you do is fabulous! I especially want to
thank Kara Shallanberg who has a special gift for varying her
intonation (which does not take away from the others being great as

Lucia O.
Slovakia, EU



  1. bart says:

    To all readers:

    I want to add my thanks for all of your efforts. Your voices have contributed greatly to my life since I found Librivox a year ago and I can’t imagine a better project.
    Open source, educational and all the rest, Librivox represents the finest of the internet.

    Thank you all.

    Huzzah! Bart

  2. hugh says:

    Thanks Bart! Glad you enjoy … perhaps you’d like to record for us?

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