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MT writes:

Hi Hugh,

I am writing this mail just to say thank you for the wonderful project you have started.

I have been introducing Audio Books form LibriVox to learners of English in Japan in the past year, and I have had a great time.
The Secret Garden, Anne of Green Gables, The Winds in the Willows…those are the wonderful audio books I truly enjoyed to listen and to introduce in my blog.

Since last month, I have started “Audio Book Club” where I introduce a particular audio book form LibriVox and exchange comments about the story with readers of my blog. This month, I picked up the Great Big Treasury of Beatrix Potter, and my first choice was The Tale of Two Bad Mice, without knowing that it was read by the founder of LibriVox.
When I found that you are the founder, I thought it is time to say thank you.

Lots of people are learning English in Japan, and in other countries, and we have paid awfully lots of money to listen English. Audio Books are, although very interesting, prohibitively expensive to buy. But with LibriVox, we can enjoy wonderful books at free and also can share the pleasure with friends on internet.

It is indeed marvellous.

Thank you again and best regards,



  1. Sydney Carten says:

    I’m very pleased to hear that you are helping to spread the word about Librivox in Japan.

    Listening to audiobooks is indeed a great way to broaden one’s knowledge of other languages. As well as listening to English recordings in Librivox I am also enjoying those in German and Russian. As I am now studying Mandarin I have also started listening to the Mandarin poetry provided by Librivox.

    I hope one day you will consider contributing some Japanese language recordings to enrich the growing variety that Librivox has to offer.


    Sydney Carten

  2. hugh says:

    it’s not a huge collection, but we do have 2 works in Japanese.

  3. Sydney Carten says:

    not a huge variety of Japanese works, true, but when I wrote “the growing variety that Librivox has to offer” I was referring to EVERYTHING Librivox has to offer, not just the Japanese stuff

  4. MT says:

    Hi Sydney,

    Thank you for your suggestion.
    I actually thought about contributing some Japanese readings. I bought a set of mic and tried. It was fun to record, but I did not like what I read. I was also not sure if my pronunciation was accurate. So I decided, I would wait until I become more comfortable with my readings.  But I will think about it again as I do feel it is great to help to enrich the variety of LibriVox.
    Anyway, thank you again for wonderful recordings to all of you!

  5. hugh says:

    Hi MT, you could also encourage your listeners to record for us…;-)

  6. random.user says:

    Not sure why more public domain offers made by one of the original contributors aren’t on the librivox site? she has a whole lot that she has recorded with great dictation.

  7. David says:

    Ah yes, random.user, that’s the wonderful kaseumin! It was her recording of Basho that drew me to LibriVox… Sadly, though, we only catalogue recordings that are presented/recorded for us by the readers. Much as we might love to, we can’t take kaseumin’s recordings from her own site and present them as if they were LibriVox recordings. Still, they are there…

  8. kaseumin says:

    Er… I’d love to post all of my recordings in the puslic domain to Librivox.
    I’m just too busy to do so. Taking care of my spoiled cat, working overtime,making sushi, doing Zen sitting meditation, etc.
    That’s all…

  9. J says:

    Hi there, thanks for helping to spread the word about Librivox in Japan! Appreciate it=)

    sidenote… wondering any of you would be interested in going on tours… cos I have an agency to recommend to all of you. It’s Nam Ho Travel. =)

    Prolly I will just leave their websites? Cheerios!

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