LibriVox Community Podcast #109

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #109 hosted by Neeru and Dii.


Duration: 56:01

New Year, new exoplanets and a new podcaster duo!
Happy New Year, everyone! We have on our show:

What’s so special about 2009?
An interview with Lucy_k_p
Messages from Nadine, Bart, Availle, Joy, Christian, Barry, Elli (read by Neeru), Ryan, Dii and Neeru about their 2009 debuts
A Special Something for the New Year

What’s to look forward to in 2010?
Ruth talks about authors who have just stepped into the public domain in Europe and other parts of the world
Sean the ductapeguy and his father read a poem
Some expected milestones 
What shall we add to the catalog in 2010? – Andy and Ryan

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  1. Ralph Mange says:

    It was great pod cast I do thank you for the website and all the contributors.

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