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On Saturday December 26, 2009 LibriVox cataloged its 3000th title, The Red Planet, by William John Locke:

Set during WWI in England, The Red Planet is a rich tale about the life in a little English town from the point of view of Major Duncan Meredyth, a disabled veteran of the Boer Wars. As he struggles to keep his life and the lives of those he cares for in harmony, he must also shelter a dark secret regarding one of the village’s favorite sons.

Our yearly rate of completion of projects since we started in August 2005 is the following:

  • 2005: 30
  • 2006: 358
  • 2007: 728
  • 2008: 884
  • 2009: 1002 (and counting)

We currently offer 1 year, 329 days, 9 hours, 7 minutes, and 0 seconds worth of free public domain audio, or 61,234 completed sections of audio cataloged.

More LibriVox stats:

  • Total number of completed projects: 3002
  • Number of completed non-English projects: 430
  • Number of languages with a completed work: 27
  • Number of completed solo projects: 1402
  • Number of readers: 3323

A hearty thank-you & congratulations to all.

For those of you listening, perhaps you would like to join us?


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  1. Ralph Mange says:

    I read the Book Red Planet a long time ago and look forward to hearing the audio version of it.

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