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librivox – on

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so we’ve made it to! and got hits galore on the site. Thanks for the nice write-up, mat.

Chapter 3 is on its way, as is a more detailed audio intro to the project.

In the mean time, I’ve had some problems with the uploader (won’t work on the PC, won’t work on the mac) and that means I can’t get files bigger than 10MB on the ourmedia site. I’ll be working on a solution.

And someone has offered to do an audio commentary on The Secret Agent! So that’ll probably come after all 13 chapters have been podcasted.

If you’re reading this, please give us a plug on your blog, we’re a totally volunteer project just trying to see if we can make this idea work, so consider volunteering to read a chapter; and sign up to our feed, download and listen. Think of it as a collective audio book club, chapter by chapter.



The Secret Agent – chapter 2

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Wonderful. Our first non-me volunteer comes through with a great rendition of chapter 2! Thanks to Neal, the podchef, who has a great weblog/podcast about cooking, food, life on a little island off the coast of Washington State, and general good living. Neal’s podcast was one of the first I listened to and really had me hooked, for undefinable reasons – all the best about podcasting, I think.

Also we’ve had a number of volunteers step up for chapters:
Chapter 1 – Hugh (me)
Chapter 2 – Neal the Podchef
Chap 3 – andrew
Chap 4 – fling93
Chap 5 – Branko Collin
Chap 6 – Greg of OpenStacks
Chap 7 – Lloyd Davis of Perfect Path
Chap 8 – Literate Loser
Chap 9 – michelle (& lowell)
Chap 10 – gina
Chap 11 – jan from uaa audiobooks
Chap 12 – derek
Chap 13 – paula from the writing show

Wow. All done. Now get to the recording studio folks!

Again, if you are going to read, please check this first.
The gutenberg e-text of the Secret Agent can be found here.

And here is the audio recording of: chapter 2 of the secret agent, by joseph conrad.

(Note that the file is for now hosted by neal, I’m waiting for it to show on ourmedia & I’ll change the link).


The Secret Agent – chapter

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All right, we are ready to go. The weblog will be twiddled and tweaked over the next little while, but let’s get the ball rolling.

The innaugural LibriVox project book will be Joseph Conrad’s, The Secret Agent. We will use the e-text from the Gutenberg project, found here.

If you would like to record a chapter, please comment below to “reserve” the chapter, and also send me an email at librivox(at]yahoo[dot]ca . There are 13 chapters to read.

If you plan to do a reading, please read this first. Note, the text, and these recordings will be Public Domain.

The podchef has signed up and (sort of) volunteered for chapter 2! If you know any podcasters please let them know about this project – could be a great project for all the community.

The audio clip for chapter 1 of the Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, read by me, can be found here: Secret Agent – ch 1 – J. Conrad.


Welcome to LibriVox

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Here is a brief intro librivox podcast.

LibriVox is a hope, an experiment, and a question: can the net harness a bunch of volunteers to help bring books in the public domain to life through podcasting? Here’s how it works (for now):

  1. A book will be selected by LibriVox from the gutenberg project’s database of public domain books
  2. (We hope that) a few volunteers will step up to read and record to mp3 one or more chapters from the chosen book, so that we’ll finish with a complete audio book (or audiobook).
  3. If you have your own podcast, you could do a special LibriVox edition of your show, and let me know about it; then I’ll grab the audio and put it up on, which stores files on the internet archive
  4. If you don’t have a podcast, let me know and we’ll find a way to get the chapters uploaded to the LibriVox site
  5. Each new chapter will be linked from LibriVox, and podcast through feedburner.
  6. Once all chapters from a given book are finished, a new book will be chosen and the process will begin again!

So, practically:

  1. if you would like to record and post a chapter or a few of a book, please contact LibriVox at: librivox[at]yahoo[dot]ca
  2. if you would like to subscribe to the podcast, please:
    a) goto our feedburner feed
    b) and plug the feed … … into your podcast receiver (for instance, ipodder)

Please note that the quality of the recordings will vary. My first recordings are pretty poor. (Not everyone can sound as professional as Jan from UAA Audio Books!) But, inspired by wikipedia, we will encourage disgruntled listeners to make better recordings (of poor quality chapters), and make them available to the project. The first objective will to be to put out some recordings and see where this goes.

For some suggestions and notes on how to make audio recording of books, see here.
For help listening, and an explanation of podcastng, see here (coming soon).

This project is inspired by AKMA’s audio volunteer project to bring Lawrence Lessig’s book, Free Culture, to your ears; and Urban Art Adventures’ Audio Book project. In addition to that, the following inspirations should be noted:

Comments are welcome below, or at: librivox[at)yahoo[dot]ca

A note about me:
I’m a Montreal-based writer interested in the “free movement” in it’s many guises. More about me can be found at my weblog, dose.


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