The Secret Agent – chapter

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All right, we are ready to go. The weblog will be twiddled and tweaked over the next little while, but let’s get the ball rolling.

The innaugural LibriVox project book will be Joseph Conrad’s, The Secret Agent. We will use the e-text from the Gutenberg project, found here.

If you would like to record a chapter, please comment below to “reserve” the chapter, and also send me an email at librivox(at]yahoo[dot]ca . There are 13 chapters to read.

If you plan to do a reading, please read this first. Note, the text, and these recordings will be Public Domain.

The podchef has signed up and (sort of) volunteered for chapter 2! If you know any podcasters please let them know about this project – could be a great project for all the community.

The audio clip for chapter 1 of the Secret Agent by Joseph Conrad, read by me, can be found here: Secret Agent – ch 1 – J. Conrad.



  1. neal, the podchef, has volunteered himself for CHAPTER 2.

  2. Skinner says:

    good shit-I’ll talk to you about reading a chapter if you don’t mind a mumbler!
    also: maybe I’m not techie enough but can I subscribe to this podcast? what’s the address?

  3. OK. Skinner gets chapter 3.

  4. fling93 says:

    What a great idea. I’m game!

  5. fling gets chapter 4.

  6. What license will these files be released under, if any at all? Does that depend on the reader?

  7. Ah, Public Domain, according to the recording readme. Sign me up for a chapter.

  8. branko = chapter 5. sold.

  9. Greg says:

    Yup, I’m in. Chapter 6 please.

  10. Lloyd Davis says:

    Just the thing to get me recording again. I’ll take Chapter VII then please – if you don’t mind an English accent.

  11. I’d love to give it a shot. My only reservation is that the Gutenberg texts often contain misspellings or typos (I’ve been reading from a Gutenberg text in my regular podcast). May I assume that if there’s an obvious error in the text we may correct it ourselves in the reading? I’ll be sure to annotate any changes if any need to be made.

  12. ps: your Gutenberg link is misspelled in the sidebar.

  13. Jan says:

    Lovely! Lovely! Sign me up for the next available chapter by all means. Will begin work as soon as you say which number is available.

    And thanks for the link-love and great review (inspiration?!?!? – damn)!

  14. As a Gutenberg volunteer I would like to urge everybody who encounters errors in our texts to not whine about them, but rather report them. You can find information in our FAQ on how to report errors, and on our contacts page where to report them.

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