August, 2005

The Secret Agent – chapter 4

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Due to some scheduling conflicts, Andrew will be doing a future chapter, and I’ve recorded chapter 4. Hope you enjoy. One note, I’ve found exporting from audacity to mp3 at 40kbps is ideal; 32 kbps is too distorted, and 48 the file size goes way up. This one’s about 38 mins, and came in just over 10MB at 40kbps, and I think the sound’s pretty good. Branko, I think you were asking about that re: chap 5?

Anyway, here are the stats:

File: The Secret Agent, Chapter 4
Written by: Joseph Conrad
Read by: Hugh McGuire
Time: 38:12
Bit rate (?): 40 kbps
File size: 11.5 MB


librivox on the writing show

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There’s an interview about LibriVox on the very well-produced Writing Show, a nice podcast by Paula B. We talk about public domain, audiobooks, joseph conrad, creative commons, and all sorts of stuff.



The Secret Agent – chapter 3

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well, fling93 delivers on chapter 3. I have not listened yet, but look forward to it. well done fling. now andrew, get busy!

here is the: file.


project background-podcast

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While we wait for fling93 to produce chapter 3 of the Secret Agent, I thought it would be worthwhile to record a more detailed background on the project (with “umms” edited out!).

Also, stay tuned for an interview about LibriVox with Paula B of the Writing Show.

And here’s the latest librivox podcast, a non-chapter explanation of the project: librivox-background-aug 19 2005.


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