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While we wait for fling93 to produce chapter 3 of the Secret Agent, I thought it would be worthwhile to record a more detailed background on the project (with “umms” edited out!).

Also, stay tuned for an interview about LibriVox with Paula B of the Writing Show.

And here’s the latest librivox podcast, a non-chapter explanation of the project: librivox-background-aug 19 2005.



  1. Wasn’t Andrew going to do chapter 3, and fling93 chapter 4? I ask this with some apprehension, as I am only half way chapter 5.

    Here are some of the problems I am experiencing:
    – I suddenly realized I don’t speak a word of English, none!
    – Everytime I feel like reading, I swallow a mouthful of milk or chocolate milk to get me going-oops!
    – I live in a city, which means that a very deaf, very 70-year old neighbour of what seems Chinese origin must broadcast what seem the speeches of chairman Mao till deep in the night.
    – I live in a city, which means that pizza delivery boys race their mopeds across town, but mainly through my street, at all manner of hours.
    – The cat excercises its freedom of speech, right near the end of a complex, 500 word sentence.
    – Ah yes, the verbious, cascade-like locquacity of the well-educated, well-groomed literate man of the end of the nineteenth century, convinced, as some of them were, although others-one need only to think of that marvelous North-American master of wily wit, Mark Twain-, disapproved of the practice, that a sentence… where was I going with this?
    – The author is either a facetious git, or has a really twisted sense of humour. Either way, of half the sentences I have no idea what he is trying to say, and thus no idea how to approach them.

    Yours trudgingonningly,

  2. branko!
    -firstly, sorry, you were blocked by the spamguard (not sure why) but freed just now.
    -i asked fling93 to do chap 3 instead, because andrew needs to get his set-up sorted and i’m trying to avoid delays.
    -as for the rest: relax, read it as best you can, and know that you’ve done a great service to personkind…there may be better readers and may be worse. but we’re all volunteers doing the best we can. stiff upper lip, soldier on, tally-ho etc. look forward to hearing chap 5!!

  3. One more question. I notice that other files are 25 MB or less, but my 55 minute recording is somewhere in the vincinity of 50 MB. Do you save at a lower sampling frequency, bit depth, bit rate?

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