The Secret Agent – chapter 2

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Wonderful. Our first non-me volunteer comes through with a great rendition of chapter 2! Thanks to Neal, the podchef, who has a great weblog/podcast about cooking, food, life on a little island off the coast of Washington State, and general good living. Neal’s podcast was one of the first I listened to and really had me hooked, for undefinable reasons – all the best about podcasting, I think.

Also we’ve had a number of volunteers step up for chapters:
Chapter 1 – Hugh (me)
Chapter 2 – Neal the Podchef
Chap 3 – andrew
Chap 4 – fling93
Chap 5 – Branko Collin
Chap 6 – Greg of OpenStacks
Chap 7 – Lloyd Davis of Perfect Path
Chap 8 – Literate Loser
Chap 9 – michelle (& lowell)
Chap 10 – gina
Chap 11 – jan from uaa audiobooks
Chap 12 – derek
Chap 13 – paula from the writing show

Wow. All done. Now get to the recording studio folks!

Again, if you are going to read, please check this first.
The gutenberg e-text of the Secret Agent can be found here.

And here is the audio recording of: chapter 2 of the secret agent, by joseph conrad.

(Note that the file is for now hosted by neal, I’m waiting for it to show on ourmedia & I’ll change the link).


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  1. Podchef says:

    I don’t know the content of chapter 7, but I say we should be in for a treat with the sort of panache only a Londoner could lend. Can’t wait to hear the rest.

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