First Chapter Collection 011


The first chapter of a book is often the hook to draw a reader in. It could make you eager for more or realize it isn't for you. Here we offer the eleventh "First Chapter Collection" in which readers share the first sections of 16 works of fiction and non-fiction, in English, French, German, and Polish.

Genre(s): General Fiction, *Non-fiction

Language: Multilingual

Group: Multilingual First Chapter Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Chapter 1 from The Adventures of Sammy Jay Thornton W. Burgess Etext Henrietta Strauss
00:04:40 en
Play 02 Chapter 1 from Henry Brocken Walter De la Mare Etext Claudia Caldi
00:07:28 en
Play 03 Chapter 1 from The Call of Cthulhu H. P. Lovecraft Etext Xavos
00:16:45 en
Play 04 Chapter 1 from Christie's Old Organ Mrs. O. F. Walton Etext Minnie Maine
00:10:51 en
Play 05 Chapter 1 from Four-Chimneys Sarah Broom Macnaughtan Etext cathar maiden
00:25:54 en
Play 06 Chapter 1 from Grim Tales E. Nesbit Etext Peter Yearsley
00:28:37 en
Play 07 Chapter 1 from Histoire de la soeur Ines María de las Mercedes Santa Cruz y Montalvo Merlin Etext Claudia Caldi
00:10:47 fr
Play 08 Chapter 1 from The House of the Seven Gables Nathaniel Hawthorne Etext Chris Pyle
00:47:52 en
Play 09 Chapter 1 from In hundert Jahren Friedrich Eduard Bilz Etext lorda
00:12:36 de
Play 10 Chapter 1 from Kościuszko Monica Mary Gardner Etext Piotr Nater
00:23:56 en
Play 11 Letter 1 from Listy z Afryki Henryk Sienkiewicz Etext Piotr Nater
00:18:32 pl
Play 12 Chapter 1 from Le livre de la pitié et de la mort Pierre Loti Etext Claudia Caldi
00:13:25 fr
Play 13 Wstęp (Introduction) from Klejnoty poezji staropolskiej Gustaw Bolesław Baumfeld Etext Piotr Nater
00:21:25 pl
Play 14 Chapter 1 from The Patriot Novelist of Poland, Henryk Sienkiewicz Monica Mary Gardner Etext Piotr Nater
00:02:50 en
Play 15 Chapter 1 from The upper hand Emerson Gifford Taylor Etext Claudia Caldi
00:12:09 en
Play 16 Chapter 1 from Wonderful London Unknown Etext Peter Yearsley
00:24:41 en