June, 2022

Keeping Secrets

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Being able to keep secrets is what makes a great friendship. But are all secrets worthy of staying hidden? Answer this question with 10 gems from our catalog.

Women are notorious for spilling the beans. Ms. Posket is not one of them. But when the lie about her age complicates life for her son, she has to officially come clean in front of The Magistrate in the play by Arthur Wing Pinero.

There are official spies? That’s what the US Secret Service has been known for since 1865. William N. Taft wrote 24 short stories based on real events that happened while people were On Secret Service.

In the novel by Murray Leinster, the US government is building a giant Space Platform, ostensibly to make space exploration easier. Secretly, they want to spy on other countries. No wonder that this leads to sabotage and even murder…

Rosa Bud is engaged, but John Jasper and Nevill Landless would rather have it otherwise. Then Rosa’s fiancĂ© disappears… What remains is The Mystery of Edwin Drood, quite literally, because Charles Dickens could not finish his final novel and left no clues either.

Arsene Lupin follows many clues to find L’Aiguille creuse, the place where the treasury of the Kings of France is hidden. But Isodore Bautrelet is in hot pursuit in another of Maurice Leblanc’s novels about the gentlemen burglar.

Real Secret Chambers and Hiding Places that defy burglars still exist to this day. Allan Fea travelled to England to seek out known priest holes, hidden doors and passages, hiding places for jewelry, pirate’s caves…

But what if nobody remembers? David Masters describes fascinating discoveries of long-forgotten things and places, from the Rosetta Stone to Egyptian tombs, from lost artifacts to the city of Troy. Get swept away by The Romance of Excavation.

It’s a fair assumption that Richard Beckett, upon glimpsing the face of a mysterious countess, also has romance on his mind. Why else would he check into The Room at the Dragon Volant, a haunted inn? Find out more in the novel by Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu.

Let’s hope he found The Secret Key to lock his room… This is also the title of a collection of 64 poems by George Essex Evans, who turned writer and poet after a debilitating injury.

Grave injuries are a daily part of Wilderness Ways, and yet, they often don’t feature in wildlife documentaries. William J. Long minces no words in this book, where beautiful imagery describes the often overlooked secrets of animal behavior.

Enjoy – and watch whom you tell your secrets!


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