Wilderness Ways

William J. Long (1867 - 1952)

Late nineteenth-century naturalist William J. Long invites us into the secret worlds of woodland animals in this, his second, fascinating book. Long's stories of the secret lives of woodland animals come from time he spent in the woods, observing the behaviors and characteristics of the wilderness inhabitants directly. His method? Sit quietly, wait (sometimes for hours), and the animals will come. This book, unlike his first, Ways of Wood Folk, seems to be directed at his critics who accused him of assigning human emotions and intentions to the animals he profiles in his writings; Wilderness Ways very deliberately tells the unvarnished truth about animal behaviors, both tender caring and vicious murder are illustrated herein. Wilderness Ways opens up the hidden world of its woodland subjects with beautiful imagery and descriptive prose which is accessible enough for a child to read while at the same time engaging for readers of all ages. Be transported into Long's hidden wilderness world. (Summary by Jill Engle)

Genre(s): Animals

Language: English

Group: Wood Folk Series

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 00 Preface Kangaroo
Play 01 Megaleep the Wanderer, Part 1 Kangaroo
Play 02 Megaleep the Wanderer, Part 2 JenMitchell
Play 03 Killooleet, Little Sweet-Voice Nathan Yoder
Play 04 Kagax the Bloodthirsty Nathan Yoder
Play 05 Kookooskoos, Who Catches the Wrong Rat Nathan Yoder
Play 06 Chigwooltz the Frog Pazappy
Play 07 Cloud Wings the Eagle laurencetrask
Play 08 Upweekis the Shadow, Part 1 laurencetrask
Play 09 Upweekis the Shadow, Part 2 laurencetrask
Play 10 Hukweem the Night Voice, Part 1 laurencetrask
Play 11 Hukweem the Night Voice, Part 2 laurencetrask