December, 2017

…Into the Light

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It’s December, and although this is a very busy month, it’s also a good time to take a few spiritual breaks. Here are 10 gems of our catalogue helping you to do exactly that.

The heroine of Marie Corelli’s Romance of Two Worlds suffers from depression and suicidal thoughts. So, her doctor sends her off on a vacation where she meets a mysterious Italian. And he guides her on the way to divine visions and spiritual healing…

Islamic theologian Al Ghazali had a similar experience: When he could not reconcile his inner self and his beliefs, he went into seclusion on the search for divine truth. His Confessions are an autobiographical description of this time in his life.

A false accusation sent Judah Ben Hur to the galleys, and when he finally escapes, he seeks revenge… But he didn’t quite expect what he does find instead in our dramatic reading of the famous novel by Lew Wallace.

Karl Gjellerup sends a German scientist and his daughter through India in search of an old manuscript that may contain the secret of reincarnation. Find out if they can discover it in the German novel Die Weltwanderer.

According to Shantideva, The Path of Light is not an easy one to travel. It requires quite some work from the very first thought of enlightenment to achieve full Buddhahood.

Reverend Thomas Owen has his work cut out for him when he travels to Africa as a missionary. However, The Wizard of the tribe challenges him to a duel – their gods against his. Who will finally prevail in this “tale of victorious faith” by H. Rider Haggard?

We don’t know what John Wesley would have done in such a case. However, the founder of the Methodist Church has given numerous Sermons on Several Occasions, so we’re confident he would have found the right words.

While looking for the right words for his Hofgedachten, Jacob Cats was strolling through his property. His religious poetry about God and the world was extremely popular in the Netherlands.

Extremely unpopular is Christmas with the merchants of a small town. So, they try to convince everyone not to celebrate it this year. However, if Christmas hadn’t been invented yet, we people would do it in an instant in the cute book by Zona Gale.

What if… Jesus hadn’t been born in Bethlehem 2000 years ago? What if… he had come to earth in early 20th century America instead? Would he have been Rejected of Men? Read the story by Howard Pyle to find out if things would have been different.

Enjoy – and Happy Holidays everyone!


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