Forum posting problem now resolved

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I’m afraid that we seem to have a problem with the forum at the moment. The forum is fully viewable, but no-one is able to post. I have emailed the sysadmin, and hope that this will be sorted out quickly.

ETA The forum is now working fully again.




  1. Melanie says:

    Love Librivox but I am having trouble with the zip files on the new site & several of them will no longer open it says the zip is empty (despite there being 256 mb data) then it says please insert the last volume of the multi volume disc

    Hope you are able to get this resolved because this is a wonderful site

  2. Mike Rogers says:

    Tried to download a book today but there is no option to download to I-tunes. Will this be corrected?

  3. alexandra says:

    I have struggled with the new site from day one but today I cannot even access the catalogue get error 503 all the time

  4. LibriVoxer says:

    Hi all,
    On the left side of each book page there is a list of download options – this includes download to iTunes, and download as a zip file. So all these options are still available.

    Perhaps this is again a browser issue: I’m working with Firefox 24.0 at the moment, and everything is working fine.
    Melanie, Mike and Alexandra, perhaps you could include which browser you are using (maybe it is Internet Explorer? Please also include the version number), and the specific project that you have trouble with. It might be something to do with the browser (and perhaps our developer needs to tweak something, but we have to let him know exactly what the problem is) or it is a specific problem with one or two books (we had to adjust all of them ‘by hand’ recently, and sometimes we slipped up, we’re only human… :) )

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