Three years of LibriVox

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Yesterday LibriVox reached another milestone: now we have 3 years of recorded material in our catalog. To be exact: with the cataloging of ‘The Black Star’ we have 3 years, 0 days, 0 hours, 45 minutes and 26 seconds of audio books on our servers.
The honour of reaching the big three went to ‘The Black Star’ by Johnston McCulley, a story about a master criminal who took great care to never be identifiable, always wore a mask so nobody knew what he looked like, rarely spoke to keep his voice from being recognized, and the only mark left at the scenes of the crimes which he and his gang committed were small black stars which were tacked as a sign of their presence.
This book was recorded by Roger Mellin, Dedicated Proof Listener was Betty M and Meta-Coordinator was David Lawrence.
All other audio books can be found here.



  1. Lars Rolander says:

    It is absolutely fantastic! And all this thanks to all these marvellous volunteers from all over the world. It is almost unbelievable. But here it is. To all kinds of LibriVoxers who have made and make this possible, You are a wonderful lot, all of you! Congratulations!

  2. Meisie says:

    Incredible! Congratulations and a hugs thank you to every one who makes Librivox possible!

  3. Catherine says:

    Librivox is an amazing resource! Thank you so much, for making so many wonderful audiobooks available!

  4. msjodi777 says:

    So cool! Librivox became 3 on the same day I became 63! I like it! <

  5. Jean says:

    words can not express how thankful I am, so many wonderful books I have no time to sit and read, but because of Librivox, i could listen when i am walking, cooking or doing all the chores around. thanks!

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