Interview with Steve Hargadon about LibriVox

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Here’s an hour-long discussion, with interaction from the audience, about LibriVox, with me & Steve Hargadon, for his Future of Education series.




  1. dong eun kim says:

    hi everyone!
    i’m here to learn more about english!

  2. frank says:

    Future of Education is a good thing. Should be “Steve Hargadon and I,” not “me and Steve Hargadon.” Just an observation.

  3. hugh says:

    @frank … pronouns following prepositions in a prepositional phrase use the objective case (“me,” not “i”; “him” not “he”), not the subjective case.

    In the sentence you’ve pointed out the subject, verb and object of the sentence are found here:
    “Here’s an hour long discussion”
    subject = hour-long discussion
    verb = is
    here = adjective participle

    The rest of the bits of that sentence are all adjective prepositional phrases which modify the subject (discussion).

    “with interaction from the audience”
    “about LibriVox”
    “for his Future of Education series”
    and finally:
    “with me and Steve Hargadon” ….

    are all prepositional phrases which modify the subject “discussion.”

    And in a prepositional phrase, the pronoun should be in the objective (not subjective) case.

    Hence “with me and Steve Hargadon” is correct, and “with Steve Hargadon and I” would be incorrect, though grammarians call that sort of error “hypercorrection,” and are tolerant of it because, at least, the hypercorrectors are trying to do the right thing even if they aren’t.

    My mother, however, would have told me that while my sentence was grammatically corrected, it is impolite, as one should always mention the other person before oneself in such circumstances.

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