LibriVox Community Podcast #107

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #107 hosted by Cori.


Duration: 16:32

Intro by Cori and a Poem by Neeru.

Guest appearances by Various Giggling stars of the Blooper Thread.

TriciaG talks about Proof-Listening – an essential part of the LibriVox Audiobook Production Process.

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  1. Rowena says:

    Great accent the women have enjoyed the poem very much.

  2. Ralph Mange says:

    The neeru poem was fun to listen to. I like being able to travel and listen to quality books thank you very much for all you do.

  3. James Mites says:

    I did not understand what happened when the recording was done do you proof listen to it then and make sure it is ok and read well enough to be understood etc? If not do you send it back for a redo?

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