Whither Norway?

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I got an email the other day asking for Norwegian LibriVox recordings. I thought: “surely there must be.”

Turns out there is not.

There are Swedish and Danish and even Finnish recordings, but none in Norwegian.

What gives, Norway? We’d love to have you … join us, it’s fun!



  1. Ruth says:

    We had a post from a Norwegian volunteer a few months ago, but nothing came of it. Norwegian volunteers will receive a warm welcome on the forum, and all the help they need to get started. :)

    The admirable Project Runeberg has a number of Norwegian works which are in the Public Domain both in Norway and the US (where our files are hosted) including works of Bjørnson, Kielland and Ibsen.

  2. I would like to saa an English version of Knut Hamsun’s GROWTH OF THE SOIL recorded for Librivox. This son of Norway won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1920 or 1921.

  3. Anders says:

    Norway here, we’ll look into it right away :)

  4. adha gutten says:

    jeg er å norsk, men er det norske lyd bøker her?
    im norwegian to, but is it some norwegian audio boks here?

  5. What a coincidence, I just logged on looking for Norwegian audiobooks, to help me learn Norwegian. I second the nomination for Markens Grøde (Growth of the Soil). There are also many works by Ibsen that would be prime candidates for narration.

  6. Anders says:

    I’ll look into volunteering and see if we can’t record Markens Grøde.

    @Carl Youngblood,
    I know plenty of English speakers that have learned Norwegian. The biggest challenge they face is actually getting to speak the language. If you ever hesitate, or your English accent betrays your origins, we will automatically switch to English :)

    The tonality is impossible to learn for non-natives, Norwegian is after all one of the few European languages that have that and a pitch accent.

    @adha gutten
    Hele innlegget handler jo om at det ikke finnes norske lydbøker her!

  7. hugh says:

    Hello all you Norwegians … thank you thank you. I hope we do get some Norwegian books done, in translation is OK, but in Notrwegian would be better!

  8. Ruth says:

    Unfortunately, as Hamsun died in 1952, nobody in Norway (or anywhere in Europe, for that matter) would be able to record his work until 1 Jan 2023, as Norway’s law provides for copyright for 70 years after the author’s death.

    However, US readers would be able to record Markens Grøde (Growth of the Soil), as both the original and the English translation were published before 1923 and hence are in the Public Domain in the USA.

  9. EM says:

    Hello all you Norwegians … thank you thank you. I hope we do get some Norwegian books done, in translation is OK, but in Notrwegian would be better!

  10. Aage Rendalen says:

    What are the technical requirements for producing a reading)?

    I moved to Virginia from Norway 10 years ago. I teach high school and would be interested in contributing to this project. Hamsun is a good choice; his Markens Grode is a fabulous book, and reading it on this side of the Atlantic should remove the copyright problems.

  11. Lornts Haugnes says:

    Jeg skulle gjerne ha lest inn en del bøker på norsk, men siden jeg er trønder, og ikke akkurat har den klassiske leserstemmen, tror jeg mine innlesninger ville være mindre gode :)

    I would love to record some books, but since I’m from Trøndelag (I speak a dialect that is hard to understand for other Norwegians ;)), and don’t have a directly clear and pleasant voice, I think my recordings would be less good :)

  12. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    Aage, the essential technical settings are listed here: http://wiki.librivox.org/index.php/Audacity_1-2-3#configure and in the first post of each Book Thread (and in the template for new projects.) In terms of gear, it’s just a recording device and editing software … many people use their own computer, a USB mic and Audacity to both record and edit. Some are using standalone digital recorders, headsets or really posh microphones. As long as you can be heard in the recording, that’s the key thing. :)

    Lornts, your dialect might encourage other people to record a version to give “choice of voice”. *laughing* Or else, pick something from a favourite old Trøndelag author and give it the most authentic reading possible! It’d be great to hear you.

    — Cori

  13. per says:

    we want norwegian audiobooks :)

  14. Cecilie Ulrikke T says:

    Just let me know if you need a women from Norway :)

  15. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    We want all of you! Come and introduce yourselves on the forum at http://librivox.org/forum/viewforum.php?f=17 and we can help you get started. :D

  16. 激情五月 says:

    呵呵 先回了在看

  17. Rowena says:

    My Girl friend is Norwegian and she says not everyone there even speaks the same so translation could be an issue?

  18. Javier says:

    I am learning Norwegian but there’s so little on the internet. How come you can find all sorts of languages on librivox except Norwegian? It’s very sad.

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