July: mmm… summer, strawberries and audiobooks in the sun.

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What delicious offerings did we have for you in July? A wide range, as usual:

“Doc” Smith’s space opera Triplanetary, eagerly awaited by all fans of reader Mark F. Smith.

The Sea Wolf and The Scarlet Plague by Jack London.

Eight recordings for children, including By Pond and River by Arabella Buckley, Baum’s The Magic of Oz and The Magic City by E. Nesbit.

Religion and philosophy, including St. Thomas Aquinas’s Summa Theologica, Part Two, and The Autobiography of Madame Guyon, French mystic and advocate of Quietism.

101 years after the opening of Maria Montessori’s first Children’s House we have recorded the first English translation of The Montessori Method.

Volume One of one of the longest novels in the English Language the epistolary Clarissa by Samuel Richardson.

Stephen Leacock’s Nonsense Novels.

Murder mystery Madame Midas by Fergus Hume, always a popular author here.

The strange and wonderful The First Book of Urizen by William Blake, and the equally strange and wonderful post-apocalyptic classic After London by Richard Jefferies.

As usual, of course, there are short stories, poetry, Sci-Fi (Collections 20 and 21), and Ghost and Horror stories.

We have catalogued works in Chinese, Hebrew, Swedish, Dutch and German.

And much, much more: for all works catalogued during July, please see this page.

Next month, during which we celebrate Librivox’s 4th birthday, I shall return to some lesser-known recordings from our first four years.


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  1. Corwin says:

    I love Jack London and the Sea Wolf was one of his best books thank you for doing it for us.

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