LibriVox Community Podcast #104

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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #104 hosted by Elli and Neeru.
Duration 50:56

We are talking about :

The one complaint of all librivoxateers- librivox is too addictive!

LV invading dreams and making imagination running wild!

How does the (non)addict – Lars Rolander manage to stay un-addicted?

How does a librivoxateer know he/she is addicted?

Test yourself for lv addiction!!! – Name the voice contest

aradlaw’s visit to the YOU KNOW YOU’RE ADDICTED TO LIBRIVOX WHEN… forum.. and his fav. Posts!

Celebrating a LibriVox-addict’s birthday?

Market report

Mic-weather report

We want to thank everybody who contributed… there are just too many of you to mention everybody by name.

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  1. Alan says:

    What a wunnerful team! You ladies were maaaavelous! I loved listening to you! So, how many man hours did it take you to collect and compile this —not including the time it took others to record their segments? Haven’t you got better things to do! [:— )

  2. Coswick says:

    I love the podcasts going back through each one now.

  3. James Mites says:

    I travel a lot and have pretty much gone through the library of audio books I can find in the local library. I love to read but can’t seem to get the hang of reading and driving? So this is a great way to feed my habit and still stay on the road.

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