October, 2007

Librivox Community Podcast #57

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Listen to Librivox Community Podcast Show #57— Ductapeguy’s Podversary

This episode of the Librivox Community Podcast marks my (ductapeguy’s) one year anniversary of podcasting. To celebrate, Jim Mowatt and I had a wide ranging skype conversation. I really consider being a Librivox volunteer and helping to produce the community podcast was my University of Podcasting. During the conversation we talk about current news around the Librivox community, as well as my other podcasts, For the Sake of the Song, and White Trash Land.

Topics Discussed:

Librivox on Twitter

Gesine provides an overview of ways to subscribe to librivox books using RSS, itunes, or by Email. Thanks To Tis and JackDale for setting up the code for the Chapter a Day Emails. You can also now click a link on the forum page of any work in progress to be informed when that audiobook is complete.

Explanation of the recent outages on Librivox.org

  • Changes to the Librivox Uploader.
  • Discussion of the Flac Audio format.

Special Rules Projects currently underway in the Librivox Community:

SPECIAL RULES MYSTERY: The 2nd Latchkey by Williamson

SPECIAL RULES: Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee

LibriVox NaNoWriMo 2007: “The Blue Tulip”

Sean (ductapeguy’s) other projects:

For the Sake of the Song: A podcast featuring interviews with songwriters and their songs.

White Trash Land A podcast novel by Andrew Beatty. Narrated by Sean McGaughey

Other sites mentioned:


JC Hutchins Seventh Son Trilogy

Sean’s Really Bad Review

Sean and Jim discuss a terrible user review Sean received on podiobooks.com and the librivoxian response to it. The discussion continued into the time honored, “What if I suck?” into styles of reading and the privilege and responsibility it is to be a reader of another person’s words.

Kara (kayray) and Henry drop by with this week’s stats.

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Librivox New Releases Podcast 5 • 15 Sept 07

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LibroVoxed New Release Podcast for audiobooks releases
for the first half of Sept, 2007 is now available from Archive.org.
Hosted by LibriVox volunteer Alan Drake.

To subscribe please use this FeedBurner link:
or Right click HERE to download New Releases Podcast 5

The New Releases Podcast is LibriVox’s twice-a-month preview of new audiobooks available for free at LibriVox.org. LibriVox is an online volunteer community dedicated to producing free public-domain audiobooks.

The LibriVox New Releases Podcast is a way for both the general public and LibriVox community members to review and sample the newest LibriVox audiobooks without having to download a series of large, individual audio files. The outward reaching New Releases Podcast appears in the middle and at the end of every month! It contains a listing of the newest releases over the recent two weeks, together with a dozen poignant sound samplings from LibriVox volunteer readers, is now available in your earbuds.

• New Releases Podcast 5 for 15 September 2007

Title: LibriVox New Releases Podcast 5 • 15 Sept 07
Host: Alan Drake
Size: 21.3 MB
Length: 23:18
Royalty Free Music: “Dream” by BeatDock.com
Software: Created in GarageBand 4 on an iMac 2.4 GHz Intel

00:00 • Welcome and comments about LibriVox

01:18 • New Fiction and Short Works
keep reading


LibriVox Twittering

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For those who like updates about LibriVox new releases, and would like them in their twitter account, you can find us here: http://twitter.com/librivox


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