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Yes, you can listen on your playstation. Heres what they have to say:

Audio books and dramas have undergone a revolution in the last few years. The arrival of media devices, like PSP, has created an ever expanding audience hungry for entertainment. Meeting this ever growing appetite are hundreds of websites, offering audio content from upcoming and established authors and script writers.

Content via the web has allowed aspiring writers and story enthusiasts to reduce the cost of producing and airing works. The result is a wealth of easily accessible stories to explore.

If you’re fan of classic literature, is a good first port of call for older, out of copyright work. Nearly 200 titles have already been recorded and as many again are in the pipeline.

more here… (including some reviews).



  1. LibriVox Admin Team says:

    ‘Nearly 200 titles’? Their comms people will need to put in some extra hours to keep up with LibriVox!

    Great to see us getting this kind of exposure, though!

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