Watch and Wait; The Young Fugitives

Oliver Optic (1822 - 1897)

One soft summer evening, when Woodville was crowned with the glory and beauty of the joyous season, three strangers presented themselves before the Grant family, and asked for counsel and assistance. The party consisted of two boys and a girl, and they belonged to that people which the traditions of the past have made the "despised race;" but the girl was whiter and fairer than many a proud belle who would have scorned her in any other capacity than that of a servant; and one of the boys was very nearly white, while the other was as black as ebony undefiled. They were fugitives and wanderers from the far south-west; and the story which they told to Mr. Grant and his happy family will form the substance of this volume. - Summary from Chapter 1 of text

Listeners, please be advised that this book contains material related to slavery which some may find offensive. These types of actions and language were common during the historical period during which this account is written.

Woodville Series:
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Watch and Wait; or, The Young Fugitives
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Genre(s): Historical Fiction, Family, Religion

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Preface and Chap. I.—The Plantation of Redlawn Scarlett Martin
Play 02 Chap. II.—The Edith goes down to Green Point Scarlett Martin
Play 03 Chap. III.—Master Archy receives an Unlucky Blow Scarlett Martin
Play 04 Chap. IV.—Dandy determines to "watch and wait." Scarlett Martin
Play 05 Chap. V.—The Tragedy at the "Dead Oak." Scarlett Martin
Play 06 Chap. VI.—A Vision of the Promised Land Scarlett Martin
Play 07 Chap. VII.—The Isabel is prepared for a Cruise Scarlett Martin
Play 08 Chap. VIII.—The Departure of the Young Fugitives Scarlett Martin
Play 09 Chap. IX.—The Fugitives reach Lake Chicot Scarlett Martin
Play 10 Chap. X.—Breakfast on board the Isabel Scarlett Martin
Play 11 Chap. XI.—The Bay of the Bloodhounds Scarlett Martin
Play 12 Chap. XII.—Quin, the Runaway Scarlett Martin
Play 13 Chap. XIII.—The Night Chase on the Lake Scarlett Martin
Play 14 Chap. XIV.—The Battle for Freedom Scarlett Martin
Play 15 Chap. XV.—The Fate of the Slave-Hunters Scarlett Martin
Play 16 Chap. XVI.—In the Swamp Scarlett Martin
Play 17 Chap. XVII.—Cyd has a Bad Fit Scarlett Martin
Play 18 Chap. XVIII.—The Affray on the Lake Scarlett Martin
Play 19 Chap. XIX.—Lily on the Watch Scarlett Martin
Play 20 Chap. XX.—Preparing for the Voyage Scarlett Martin
Play 21 Chap. XXI.—Down the Lake Scarlett Martin
Play 22 Chap. XXII.—The Isabel runs the Gantlet Scarlett Martin
Play 23 Chap. XXIII.—Colonel Raybone changes his Tone Scarlett Martin
Play 24 Chap. XXIV.—The Young Fugitives make a Harbor Scarlett Martin