United Kingdom House of Commons Speeches Collection, volume 1


This collection comprises recordings of 17 historic speeches given to the UK House of Commons between 1628 and 1956. Readings are of speeches origninally given by parliamentarians including Oliver Cromwell, Edmund Burke, William Wilberforce, William Gladstone, Keir Hardie, Winston Churchill and Aneurin Bevan. (Summary by Carl Manchester)

Genre(s): Literary Collections, Political Science

Language: English

Group: UK Parliamentary Speeches

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Speech on the Petition of Right, 1628 Sir John Eliot Etext David Federman
00:21:30 en
Play 02 Speech against the Attainder of Strafford, 1641 George Digby Etext David Federman
00:15:27 en
Play 03 Speech to Rump Parliament, 1653 Oliver Cromwell Etext Carl Manchester
00:02:46 en
Play 04 Speech on reducing the army, 1731 William Pulteney Etext Rachel Lintern
00:08:06 en
Play 05 Speech on House of Commons Reform, 1784 Edmund Burke Etext Sibella Denton
00:24:11 en
Play 06 Speech on slavery, 1789 William Wilberforce Etext icyjumbo (1964-2010)
00:10:42 en
Play 07 Speech on the Reform Act, 1831 Robert Peel Etext Sibella Denton
00:04:21 en
Play 08 Speech on the Reform Act, 1837 John Russell Etext Sibella Denton
00:05:32 en
Play 09 Speech on copyright, 1841 Thomas Babington Macaulay Etext Philippa
00:36:43 en
Play 10 Speech on Irish Home Rule, 1886 William Ewart Gladstone Etext Sibella Denton
00:28:04 en
Play 11 Speech on a proposed Channel Tunnel, 1888 William Ewart Gladstone Etext Christine Blachford
00:27:14 en
Play 12 Speech on socialism, 1901 James Keir Hardie Etext Sally Ann Cook
00:08:02 en
Play 13 Speech on women's suffrage, 1905 James Keir Hardie Etext icyjumbo (1964-2010)
00:33:09 en
Play 14 Speech on The West Ham Guardians , 1927 Arabella Susan Lawrence Etext Philippa
00:18:12 en
Play 15 Speech on the outbreak of war with Germany, 1939 Arthur Neville Chamberlain Etext Sibella Denton
00:07:34 en
Play 16 We shall fight on the beaches, 1940 Winston S. Churchill Etext Mark F. Smith
00:27:50 en
Play 17 Speech on the Suez Crisis, 1956 Aneurin Bevan Etext Carl Manchester
00:31:44 en