The Teacup Club (Dramatic Reading)

Eliza Armstrong

The Teacup Club (For the Advancement of Woman) is formed when Dorothy decides to found an intellectual club of her own - to teach her fiance a lesson! The club’s discussion topics (official) includes Theosophy, Politics and Women in Legislature. The club’s unofficial topics include Emily’s new dress, man-flu (it's causes and cures) and the great mystery of the missing chafing-dish. A witty drama and a comedy of manners, secrets and politics (both official and unofficial). - Summary by Elizabby

Cast List:


Narrator: Beth Thomas

Evelyn: Jennifer Fournier

Emily: Leanne Yau

Dorothy: KHand

Frances: Beth Thomas

Elise: Lydia

Marion: Vicki Hibbins

Catharine: Michele Eaton

Edited by: Michele Eaton and linny

Proof listeners: Michele Eaton, Beth Thomas

Genre(s): Dramatic Readings, Family Life, Humorous Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 Chapter 01 The Teacup Club is Formed Group 00:25:44
Play 02 Chapter 02 The Club Discusses Woman in Politics Group 00:23:23
Play 03 Chapter 03 Man's Real Attitude Toward the Progress of Woman Group 00:21:19
Play 04 Chapter 04 Concerning the Heroine of Today Group 00:20:35
Play 05 Chapter 05 The Club Settles Some Currency Problems Group 00:21:25
Play 06 Chapter 06 The Pioneer New Woman Group 00:19:15
Play 07 Chapter 07 Woman in Legislation Group 00:21:31
Play 08 Chapter 08 An Executive Meeting Group 00:21:54
Play 09 Chapter 09 On the Use and Abuse of Political Power Group 00:22:07
Play 10 Chapter 10 Woman as a Parliamentarian Group 00:21:41
Play 11 Chapter 11 The Club Investigates Theosophy Group 00:21:13
Play 12 Chapter 12 A Discussion and a Surprise Group 00:20:33