The American Rivals of Sherlock Holmes


To follow up on the heels of volumes 1 and 2 of "The Rivals of Sherlock Holmes" released on LibriVox, here is a collection of stories starring his contemporary American rivals. Brought together and re-published in a single volume by Hugh Greene in 1979, this set of readings goes back to and uses the original source material. (Summary by ToddHW)

Genre(s): Detective Fiction

Language: English

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Cinderella's Slipper Hugh C. Weir Etext Kristin G.
00:32:09 en
Play 02 Cinderella's Slipper, part 2 Etext Kristin G.
Play 03 The Nameless Man Rodrigues Ottolengui Etext Mike Pelton
00:25:52 en
Play 04 The Montezuma Emerald Rodrigues Ottolengui Etext Mike Pelton
00:30:01 en
Play 05 Found Guilty Josiah Flynt Etext Delmar H Dolbier
00:27:04 en
Play 06 The Scarlet Thread Jacques Futrelle Etext Julia Niedermaier
00:33:00 en
Play 07 The Scarlet Thread, part 2 Etext Julia Niedermaier
Play 08 The Man Higher Up William MacHarg Etext om123
00:35:20 en
Play 09 The Man Higher Up, part 2 Etext om123
Play 10 The Axton Letters William MacHarg Etext Jon Smith
00:40:57 en
Play 11 The Axton Letters, part 2 Etext Jon Smith
Play 12 The Man Who Spoke Latin Samuel Hopkins Adams Etext Katherine Edman
00:50:08 en
Play 13 The Cloud Busters Francis Lynde Etext Mary in Arkansas
00:46:21 en
Play 14 The Cloud-Bursters, part 2 Etext Shaun McDonald
Play 15 The Affair of Lamson's Cook John M. Taylor Etext C. Simmons
00:46:43 en
Play 16 The Campaign Grafter Arthur B. Reeve Etext D. A. Frank
00:37:50 en
Play 17 The Campaign Grafter, part 2 Etext D. A. Frank
Play 18 The Infallible Godahl Frederick Irving Anderson Etext Mary in Arkansas
00:38:28 en
Play 19 The Infallible Godahl, part 2 Etext Mary in Arkansas
Play 20 The Frame-Up Richard Harding Davis Etext Stephanie Kydd
00:44:50 en