Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 100


Volume 100 of the Short Nonfiction Collection celebrates 16 years (2007-2023) of volunteer readings which reflect the wide range of nonfiction writing. Volume 100 exemplifies this diversity with topics as far afield as declassified CIA documents and Bible verses (CIA Avian Training; Story of Creation; Mark Twain on Biblical Patriarchs; Hidden Years at Nazareth). Other selections highlight the natural world and scientific inquiry (White Hurricane; Ancient Meadows; Improving Natural Knowledge; Know the $100 Note); as well as the complexities of human morals, love, politics, and behavior (American Genius; Frauds on the Bank of Liverpool; Wreck of a Slave Ship; Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams; Seven Pillars of Wisdom; and the Hippocratic Oath). Inventions and crafts are treated in Steel Railway Rails; and The Willow Pattern. Lastly, humor is not neglected (Reflections on Riding; and The Two Husbands). Summary by Sue Anderson

Genre(s): *Non-fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Ancient Meadows Charles John Cornish Etext Steve C
00:15:57 en
Play 02 CIA Avian Training Program, 1973-1974 United States Central Intelligence Agency Etext Sue Anderson
00:11:38 en
Play 03 Forgiveness: Mark Twain On The Biblical Patriarchs Joseph And Esau Mark Twain Etext David Wales
00:07:16 en
Play 04 The Frauds on the Bank of Liverpool Frederick Edwin Smith, 1st Earl of Birkenhead Etext Alister
00:19:33 en
Play 05 The Geographical Distribution of American Genius (1914) Scott Nearing Etext Leon Harvey
00:21:34 en
Play 06 The Hidden Years at Nazareth G. Campbell Morgan Etext MaryAnn
00:25:10 en
Play 07 The Hippocratic Oath (1909) Mary Cadwalader Jones Etext czandra
00:10:33 en
Play 08 The History of Steel Railway Rails William Joseph Walsh Etext Elsie Selwyn
00:49:09 en
Play 09 Know the $100 Note United States Government Etext Sue Anderson
00:03:52 en
Play 10 Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams, London, July 24th 1796 Louisa Catherine Johnson Etext Paula Messina
00:02:13 en
Play 11 Louisa Catherine Johnson to John Quincy Adams, London, August 19th 1796 Louisa Catherine Johnson Etext Paula Messina
00:02:36 en
Play 12 On the Advisableness of Improving Natural Knowledge (1866) Thomas Henry Huxley Etext Availle
00:39:04 en
Play 13 Reflections on Riding Stephen Leacock Etext Dale Grothmann
00:05:45 en
Play 14 Remembering the November 1913 "White Hurricane" National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) Etext J. M. Smallheer
00:07:23 en
Play 15 Seven Pillars of Wisdom, a Triumph, 1926 (Extract) T. E. Lawrence Etext Atul Sharma
00:12:04 en
Play 16 The Story of Creation Charles Foster Kent Etext Norah Nelson
00:04:55 en
Play 17 The Two Husbands Carolyn Wells Etext Dale Grothmann
00:01:41 en
Play 18 The Willow Pattern Mrs. Willoughby Hodgson Etext Steve C
00:12:28 en
Play 19 Wreck of a Slave Ship (1762) Anonymous Etext Claudia Caldi
00:04:45 en
Play 20 The Younger Generation of American Genius (1916) Scott Nearing Etext Leon Harvey
00:26:17 en