Short Nonfiction Collection, Vol. 044


Nineteen short nonfiction works in the public domain, independently chosen by the readers. Topics include wives, widows, and women scorned--the "Baby Doe Tabor" scandal, the trials of literary marriages, and colonial women; history--Wounded Knee, the Underground Railroad, Edward Bellamy's "nationalism," and English railroads; inspiring places--the Alhambra and Squaw Rock; invention--the marine chronometer; and essays on the Constitution, the natural equality of men, old age, the consolation of reading, and on the fantastic imagination. (Summary by Sue Anderson)

The Art of Dying by August Strindberg was translated by Claud Field.
The Natural Equality of Men to be Acknowledged by Samuel Pufendorf was translated by Andrew Tooke.

Genre(s): *Non-fiction, Essays & Short Works

Language: English

Group: Short Nonfiction Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 The Alhambra W. Somerset Maugham Etext OCTL7
00:13:09 en
Play 02 America Voltaire Etext Craig Campbell
00:03:40 en
Play 03 The Art of Dying August Strindberg Etext John Burlinson
00:04:23 en
Play 04 Augusta Tabor: Her Side of the Scandal Caroline Bancroft Etext Lynne T
Play 05 Consolation Logan Pearsall Smith Etext David Wales
00:01:06 en
Play 06 The Fantastic Imagination George MacDonald Etext Daniel Koehn
00:18:28 en
Play 07 God in the Constitution Robert G. Ingersoll Etext Scott Danneker
00:39:00 en
Play 08 The Iron Road Book and Railway Companion, or a Journey from London to Birmingham Francis Coghlan Etext TriciaG
00:31:49 en
Play 09 The Legend of Dah-nol-yo, Squaw Rock Helen McCowen Carpenter Etext David Wales
Play 10 The Natural Equality of Men to be Acknowledged Samuel von Pufendorf Etext Craig Campbell
00:10:30 en
Play 11 Of Interpretation of Dreams Heinrich Cornelius Agrippa von Nettesheim Etext Craig Campbell
00:04:07 en
Play 12 Poets as Landscape Painters Leonora Blanche Lang Etext David Wales
00:08:46 en
Play 13 The Progress of Nationalism in the United States Edward Bellamy Etext progressingamerica
00:26:21 en
Play 14 Remarks on a Pamphlet Lately Published Under the Authority of the Board of Longitude John Harrison Etext Availle
00:56:59 en
Play 15 Trials of the Wife of a Literary Man Leonora Blanche Lang Etext David Wales
00:20:06 en
Play 16 Two Centuries of American Women Leonora Blanche Lang Etext David Wales
00:35:56 en
Play 17 The Underground Railroad in McDonough County, Illinois D. N. Blazer Etext Sue Anderson
Play 18 William James, Gustav Fechner, Wilhelm Wundt, Soren Kierkegaard Isaac Woodbridge Riley Etext Craig Campbell
00:07:51 en
Play 19 Wounded Knee: A First Person Account by Dewey Beard Dewey Beard Etext David Wales
00:30:46 en