Short Ghost and Horror Collection 020


A collection of twenty stories featuring ghoulies, ghosties, long-leggedy beasties and things that go bump in the night. Expect shivers up your spine, the stench of human flesh, and the occasional touch of wonder.

Genre(s): Horror & Supernatural Fiction

Language: English

Group: Short Ghost and Horror Story Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Luella Miller Mary E. Wilkins Freeman Etext Margaret Latrielle
00:30:48 en
Play 02 The Glamour of the Snow Algernon Blackwood Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:50:42 en
Play 03 A Moonlit Road Ambrose Bierce Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:26:50 en
Play 04 The Picture in the House H. P. Lovecraft Etext weirdone30
00:21:25 en
Play 05 The Gray Nun Nataly von Eschstruth Etext Lars Rolander (1942-2016)
00:34:36 en
Play 06 John Bartine's Watch Ambrose Bierce Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:15:37 en
Play 07 The Whisperers Algernon Blackwood Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:15:24 en
Play 08 The Roll Call of the Reef Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:39:26 en
Play 09 Mujina Lafcadio Hearn Etext Elanor Sakamoto
00:04:00 en
Play 10 There is a Reaper Charles V. de Vet Etext Elanor Sakamoto
00:11:25 en
Play 11 The Three Brides Francis A. Durivage Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:25:25 en
Play 12 The Tryst Algernon Blackwood Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:35:04 en
Play 13 The Cross-roads Amy Lowell Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:10:58 en
Play 14 Share and Share Alike Robert Barr Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:11:55 en
Play 15 The Man Who Was Dead Thomas H. Knight Etext Jeff Chesnut
00:37:10 en
Play 16 The Adventure of the German Student Washington Irving Etext Chiquito Crasto
00:15:08 en
Play 17 Rip Van Winkle Washington Irving Etext weirdone30
00:37:46 en
Play 18 Nerves Anton Chekhov Etext David Richardson
00:09:30 en
Play 19 Doom of the House of Duryea Earl Peirce Etext Mark Nelson
00:39:32 en
Play 20 Cold Ghost Chester S. Geier Etext Mark Nelson
00:36:30 en