One-Act Play Collection 003


This collection of ten one-act dramas features plays by Edward Goodman, Alice Gerstenberg, Arnold Bennett, John Galsworthy, Anton Chekhov, Frank Wedekind, Moliere, Theresa Helburn, John Kendrick Bangs, and Harold Brighouse. (Summary by wildemoose)

Genre(s): Plays

Language: English

Group: One-Act Play Collections

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 Eugenically Speaking Edward Goodman Etext Group 00:22:16 en
Play 02 The Pot Boiler Alice Gerstenberg Etext Group 00:35:31 en
Play 03 A Good Woman Arnold Bennett Etext Group 00:31:30 en
Play 04 The Sun John Galsworthy Etext Group 00:11:21 en
Play 05 The Bear Anton Chekhov Etext Group 00:38:17 en
Play 06 The Tenor Frank Wedekind Etext Group 00:39:43 en
Play 07 Pretentious Young Ladies Molière Etext Group 00:45:04 en
Play 08 Lonesome-Like Harold Brighouse Etext Phil Benson
00:34:57 en
Play 09 Enter the Hero Theresa Helburn Etext Group 00:34:47 en
Play 10 A Proposal Under Difficulties John Kendrick Bangs Etext Group 00:52:32 en