Christmas Short Works Collection 2016


This year's Christmas collection of short stories, poems and non-fiction features readings in English , French, Italian and Maori. Summary by Annise


Language: Multilingual

Group: Christmas Short Works

Section Chapter Author Source Reader Time Language
Play 01 A Christmas Carol Stave five Charles Dickens Etext Greg Giordano
00:16:17 en
Play 02 A Great Tree Zona Gale Etext Jan MacGillivray
00:37:35 en
Play 03 A Carol on the Birth of Christ Thomas Tusser Etext Kangaroo
00:02:19 en
Play 04 Christmas Comes but Once a Year Thomas Miller Etext Kangaroo
00:06:21 en
Play 05 Christmas Eve 1-13 Robert Browning Etext Maria Kasper
00:39:15 en
Play 06 Christmas Eve 14-22 Robert Browning Etext Maria Kasper
00:28:21 en
Play 07 Christmas Night of '62 William Gordon McCabe Etext Tomas Peter
00:02:35 en
Play 08 Christmas Storms and Sunshine Elizabeth Cleghorn Gaskell Etext Maria Kasper
00:28:37 en
Play 09 Christmas Waits in Boston Edward Everett Hale Etext Maria Kasper
00:42:38 en
Play 10 The Errors of Santa Claus Stephen Leacock Etext David Wales
00:08:03 en
Play 11 Folk-Lore of Christmas Tide Alexander Francis Chamberlain Etext Garth Burton
00:06:33 en
Play 12 Il Natale Alessandro Manzoni Etext Fabiola
00:04:52 it
Play 13 Is There a Santa Claus? Francis P. Church Etext April6090
00:03:26 en
Play 14 King Arthur's Waes-hael Robert Stephen Hawker Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:34 en
Play 15 The Legend of King Wenceslaus John Mason Neale Etext Sarah Jennings
00:06:42 en
Play 16 Legend of the Christmas Tree François Coppée Etext April6090
00:02:10 en
Play 17 Le Jour de l'an Josephine Marchand Etext Mayah
00:05:27 fr
Play 18 Little Piccola Nora Archibald Smith Etext Lee-Ann Niazi
00:11:34 en
Play 19 Luca 2,1-20 Sacra Bibbia (Diodati) Etext Fabiola
00:03:19 it
Play 20 Ko Te Rongo Pai A Matiu 1&2 Elizabeth Fairburn Colenso Etext Travis Hamon
00:12:58 mi
Play 21 Matteo,18-25,2,1-12 Sacra Bibbia (Diodati) Etext Fabiola
00:04:04 it
Play 22 Merry Christmas Stephen Leacock Etext David Wales
00:20:48 en
Play 23 The Nativity Christopher Harvey Etext Tomas Peter
00:01:40 en
Play 24 The Night After Christmas Anne P. L. Field Etext April6090
00:03:40 en
Play 25 A Letter from Santa Claus Unknown Etext BettyB
00:05:32 en
Play 26 The Heavenly Christmas Tree Fyodor Dostoyevsky Etext Bryan Taylor
00:09:52 en
Play 27 Three Christmas Trees Juliana Horatia Gatty Ewing Etext BettyB
00:21:51 en
Play 28 Under the Holly-bough Charles Mackay Etext Ruth Golding
00:02:19 en
Play 29 Un Réveillon chez Cambacérès G. Lenotre Etext Mayah
00:17:30 fr
Play 30 The Wakefield Second Shepherd's Play Unknown Etext Tony Addison
00:43:19 en
Play 31 Welcome Yule Unknown Etext Kangaroo
00:01:22 en
Play 32 Little Wolff's Wooden Shoes François Coppée Etext BettyB
00:10:12 en