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LibriVox on Six Pixels of Separation

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There’s an impromptu interview with me about LibriVox on Mitch Joel’s Six Pixels of Separation Podcast. The interview is right near the end, at 43:45.

In a nice, um, twist, the interview took place in the back stacks in the basement of the Atwater Library, where I serve on the Board. The books make for great sound dampers. I was pitching another project, the Atwater Digital Literacy Project to Mitch, and I convinced him to join the Advisory Committee.


techaddress interview

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TechAddress is a site about “Internet startup companies and technology … researching existing product advancements, VC investments, social networking and Web 2.0 news.” They wanted to know a bit about LibriVox, and we obliged: see, interview here.


LibriVox: Featured Commoner

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The folks at Creative Commons did a little write up on LibriVox to be found here:
Featured Commoner: LibriVox.


LibriVox celebrates UN Day

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LibriVox is a cross-cultural, multi-lingual, geographically dispersed project; you could almost call us the United Nations of volunteer-based free public domain audio literature projects. So in order to celebrate United Nations Day (Oct 24), we just released the:

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Read in 21 languages including Korean, Afrikaans, and Waloon.

And Boing Boing likes it!


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