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BBC Webscape on LibriVox

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Kate Russell of BBC’s Click > Webscape did a little piece on LibriVox which I gather made it onto the tube. There’s a write-up on the web also, which, among other things, says:

The list of titles is not as long as I would like, but it is growing all the time and the quality of the recordings is generally very good.

And as with all such comments, we make an open invitation to all BBC listeners, watchers, readers, employees, and freelancers, Kate Russell included, to join us and help us make that catalog bigger!


wired on audiobooks

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The Gadget Lab blog at Wired has an article on loosening DRM with ebooks, and audiobooks. LibriVox plugged, and a mention of this interesting article about “audio books getting new respect from publishers,” to which we say: told you so.


Reason on LibriVox

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There is an exhaustive and excellent article in Reason Magazine about LibriVox, focusing on the philosophy and the “movement” we are part of, as described by Yochai Benkler’s Wealth of Networks.

The article includes comments from Jimmy Wales, and‘s CEO, among others.

Juicy bit:

It’s not that they don’t care about listeners … it’s that LibriVox, as its most fundamental level, isn’t about consumption. It’s about making stuff.

The Wealth of LibriVox: Classic texts, amateur audiobooks, and the grand future of online peer production
by Michael Erard.


NY Times on LibriVox

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We get a small mention in this article, in the NY Times (you probably need to register).

Yet another site that contributes to Gutenberg,, uses volunteers to read public domain books, aloud, creating free audio books.


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