January, 2022

Positive Outlook

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Happy Brand New 2022! Let’s hope that this year will finally allow us to overcome the pandemic that has held the world hostage for 2 years now… Lift your spirits with 10 gems from our catalog.

Nowhere better to start than with the Outlook Odes by T.W.H. Crosland. His 31 poems in free verse are written as letters addressed to people like the Pope, the Tsar, and also: to Everybody.

These days, everybody should know about Infection and Immunity. George Sternberg writes about disease prevention, and many of his examples in this 1903 book have lost their terror today.

Little Caro loses her fear of the dark when she moves in with her aunt and grandpa. Instead, she learns to shine a light in other people’s lives in the delightful children’s book The Candle and the Cat by Mary F. Leonard.

Nine-year-old Margaret leaves her friends in the New York slums behind to return to her mother. But her troubles are not over, she now has to get to know her new stepfather and his family. Can she face The Turn of the Tide in the novel by Eleanor H. Porter?

The tides bring everlasting change, something that is not allowed in the Empire. Even Emperor Paul is powerless, but then a plot against him is revealed. Is the Ministry of Disturbance behind it? Find out in H. Beam Piper’s surprising novella.

When Helen Keller turned deaf and blind because of an illness, her outlook on life seemed truly bleak. But her life changed when she met a teacher who believed in her, and she was allowed to study at Radcliffe College. The Story of My Life is the autobiography of this remarkable woman.

De Consolatione PhilosophiaeThe Consolation of Philosophy – is a remarkable book on the changes of life’s fortunes and how to take them with humility. It was written in 524 by Boethius while in jail awaiting his trial for (alleged) treason…

Many centuries later, Annette Harcourt also lives a life of hardship. However, holding on to her strong moral compass and values, she is able to see both Trial and Triumph in the novel by Frances E. W. Harper.

To escape the law after killing his master, Ichikurou flees from Edo. He soon repents, however, and becomes a monk. 20 years later after his crime, he meets the son of his dead master… Find out what happens next in the novella Onsyuu no kanata ni by Kikuchi Kan.

A wide range of characters meet at the sanatorium called Sunshine, and they all are seeking cures for their various ailments. Brighten your day with this comedy by playwright Walter Ben Hare.

Enjoy – and have a Happy and Healthy 2022!


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