The World’s Heroes and Heroines

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Two years of the Corona pandemic, and never before have we needed heroes and heroines more than now. Let’s take a look at some classic heroes and their deeds with 10 gems from our catalog.

Siegfried the dragon slayer is the archetypical hero. Born into a noble German family, he sets out on adventures from a young age. Read about his early Heroic Life and Exploits and how he became (almost) invincible.

Invincible monsters and giants, Elves and Heroes all made their home in the rugged scenery of Scotland. Donald Mackenzie took folk tales and local characters and turned them into unique poetry.

With 80 air combat victories, Manfred von Richthofen was unique among Germany’s WWI air force. In this autobiography, The Red Battle Flyer talks about his path to becoming a national hero in Germany, until he was shot down in 1918.

In the same year, Roy Chapman Andrews took a journey Across Mongolian Plains. In this memoir, he recounts his adventure for the general public, without scientific jargon. By the way, this palaeontologist was the inspiration for Indiana Jones!

Being The Hero is not always easy. When James Parsons returns from the Boer War decorated with the Victoria Cross, his fellow villagers look up to him. But he finds it hard to readjust to life in Little Primpton. Read W. Somerset Maugham’s novel and see how James deals with his dilemma.

Even worse are the circumstances the King of Argos finds himself in in the play by Thomas Noon Talford. The Oracle of Delphi has prophesied that only the extinction of the reigning family will end the plague in the country. Will Ion voluntarily sacrifice himself?

In time of war, many people are willing to die for their country. J. Thomas Warren tells the story of a Union soldier who becomes The Northern Spy and infiltrates a Confederate battalion to help conquer South Carolina.

For centuries, conquering the seas has been a major adventure. Nobody knew what kind of treasures could be found at distant shores – and what price one had to pay for them. Follow one who set out to find out in the famous Historia de Simbad el marino.

Many dream of being a hero. When Teddy is recuperating from an illness and his mom needs a break, The Counterpane Fairy steps up to the task. Katharine Pyle has gotten hold of the stories the fairy told with Teddy as the hero.

And where are the women in all this? Throughout history, they were mostly supposed to work behind the scenes. This changes with the 19th century, when many women became Heroines of Service. Mary Rosetta Parkman introduces 11 women who worked as missionaries, nurses, social workers and more.

Enjoy – and watch out for the heroes and heroines around you!


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