The Heroic Life and Exploits of Siegfried the Dragon Slayer


This is the prequel of the Nibelungenlied. It tells the tale of Siegfried as a young man when he sets forth to earn a name for himself so he will be able to stand proudly with his ancestors. - Summary by Fritz

Genre(s): Action & Adventure Fiction, Myths, Legends & Fairy Tales, Sagas

Language: English

Section Chapter Reader Time
Play 01 FIRST ADVENTURE. Of King Siegmund, and of Heroes, Dwarfs, Giants, and Dragons of ancient Times. Phil Schempf
Play 02 SECOND ADVENTURE. Of Siegfried the Swift, how he grew up to be a Hero, and of his throwing the Spear. Phil Schempf
Play 03 THIRD ADVENTURE. Of the Emperor Otnit and Wolfdietrich, and how Siegfried asked permission to go out into the World. Phil Schempf
Play 04 FOURTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried the Swift went through the Wilderness, and what he encountered there. Phil Schempf
Play 05 FIFTH ADVENTURE. Mimer relates the Adventures of Wieland, the best of all Smiths and Armourers. Phil Schempf
Play 06 SIXTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried brings an Urochs to the Smiths. Phil Schempf
Play 07 SEVENTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried learns to be a Smith, and how he was sent by the treacherous Mimer to the Dragon. Phil Schempf
Play 08 EIGHTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried fights with the Dragon and bathes himself in his Blood. Phil Schempf
Play 09 NINTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried comes again to the Smithy, and settles Accounts with Mimer. Phil Schempf
Play 10 TENTH ADVENTURE. Siegfried sees the great Dragon, and meets a King of the Dwarfs. Phil Schempf
Play 11 ELEVENTH ADVENTURE. Siegfried's fight with the faithless Giants under the Drachenstein. Phil Schempf
Play 12 TWELFTH ADVENTURE. Of the great Wonders which Siegfried saw in the Dragon s Rock. Phil Schempf
Play 13 THIRTEENTH ADVENTURE. How Siegfried first sees the King's Daughter and is received by her. Phil Schempf
Play 14 LAST ADVENTURE. Siegfried's Fight with the Dragon. Phil Schempf