Happy 20th to Distributed Proofreaders!

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Today we mark the 20th Anniversary of Distributed Proofreaders. Over the last 20 years, nearly 55,000 DP volunteers from around the globe have contributed to creating nearly 40,000 e-books for release into the public domain through Project Gutenberg. Friends of LibriVox will recognize Project Gutenberg as a major source of material for our volunteers, so LibriVox readers and listeners are among the many who have benefited from the work of DP over the years.

To mark this milestone, LibriVox volunteers have created two special audiobooks from the DP collection.

In The Shores of the Polar Sea by Edward Lawton Moss, we join the crew of the HMS Alert as they leave England in 1875 with orders to “attain the highest northern latitude, and, if possible, reach the Pole.” This was DP’s 35,000th title and they celebrated with this blog post.

The Living Animals of the Natural World, subtitled “a popular Natural History”, proposed to present the most updated version of the wonders of the Animal World in a new and clearer form. It used photography instead of the traditional illustrations and eminent specialists from the world of science and practical discovery contributed to the descriptions. The result is a very thorough picture of human knowledge of the animal world at the time it was published in 1902. When the book was completed by DP in 2019, it became Project Gutenberg’s 60,000th title and DP celebrated with this blog post.

You can read more about DP’s history and current activities here.

Congratulations DP on 20 years of great books!


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  1. Linda Cantoni says:

    Thank you so much for partnering with Distributed Proofreaders!

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